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An Offensive Winger is the greatest contributor by far to the wing attack rating.

From the rules:

Attack Left wing

Winger left winger
Scoring forwards
Passing left winger
Passing left inner midfielder
Winger left wing back

An Offensive Winger uses both their passing and their wing skill to generate attack strength.

Like Normal wingers and Defensive wingers, they contribute 50% of their Playmaking skill to the midfield rating.


Wing skill is by far the most important skill for an Offensive Winger. However, Offensive Wingers also use their Playmaking, Passing and Defense skills too.


Passing adds to the wing attack ratings of any winger: Offensive, Defensive or Normal. It is difficult to say exactly how much of the wing attack can be creditted to the passing of an offensive winger. There is a rule of thumb that states that about 3-4 levels of passing = 1 level of wing skill.

The two things that we do know is that:

1. Passing on all Wingers adds to your wing attack rating and not to the central attack rating.

2. Passing is not boosted by playing the Winger "Offensive", like an Offensive IM's passing is boosted. As is stated in the rules: Offensive Winger: More Winger, less Defending.

Passing and AOW

When playing AOW, the passing skill of your winger has two beneficial effects. First, it helps boost your AOW ratings and second, it boosts the attack ratings of your wing attacks.


Wingers are modest midfielders too. When they are played offensive they use 50% of their Playmaking skill (PM). For this reason, Stamina is important for an Offensive Winger with PM.

Playmaking has two benefits for an offensive winger.

1. Playmaking boosts the teams midfield and delivers potentially more chances for the winger to use their high wing skill to convert into goals.

2. Playmaking indirectly makes-up for the defensive failings of an Offensive Winger by reducing the number of chances that the opponent will receive and potentially score on down that wing side. As the rules state: Offensive Winger: More Winger, less Defending.


Offensive Wingers are an offensive tool. All the skills needed for offense are the skills worth paying for in an offensive winger. However, the rules state "less defending" and do not say "no defending.

The decision to play an Offensive Winger over an Extra IM is a decision to forgoe some midfield contribution for some attack. Having some defence on your Offensive Winger can temper that extra vulnerability.

So, Defense is not worth paying for like Passing or PM is, but it has a value and usually comes free.

Defense and Pressing

When Pressing, the defensive skill of your entire team is added together to determine your Pressing skill rating. For a team that plays 4-5-1 pressing, the defense skill of your Offensive Wingers can be of value.

The Value of Secondaries

Teams that are higher-up the food chain and are having to budget their salaries wisely, can look to secondaries on their Offensive Wingers to help keep costs down.

Defense: Usually comes free and is used (although to a lesser degree)

Passing: If your team has hit a wage ceiling for a winger, you can get more wing attack for very little money by having an offensive winger with generous passing. This can save a big team a lot of money.

Playmaking: Everyone wants more possession, but when salaries of IMs start to get too high, the PM contribution of a skilled Offensive Winger is of great help, on the pitch and in the pocketbook.