1. MFC Wölfershausen

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1. MFC Wölfershausen (53179)
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LocationHessen Deutschland
Fan ClubDie Wilden Wölfe

1. MFC Wölfershausen is a hattrick football club from the town of Wölfershausen, Hessen, Germany. They currently play in league VII.369. The club was founded on 11 September 2003.


The club was founded in September 2003 and played in Germany's 6th division for nine seasons before they were relegated to the 7th division in April 2006. Die Wölfe (The Wolves), as the club is commonly known, played their best season in season 23 when they finished runners-up in league VI.11. The current squad includes 26 players from 13 different countries and the coach is Adnan Abu-Hana from the United Arab Emirates. Up to now, the club has collected more than 70 flags for friendly matches in foreign countries.


  • Name: Werratalstadion
  • Total capacity: 45,500

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