A.C Montefiore

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A.C Montefiore
A.C Montefiore
Full name: Associazione Calcio Montefiore
Nicknames: Crowns
Country: Oceania Oceania
Founded: 2010
League: V.156 32-
Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Fan Club: I Rossanieri (1215 Members)
Revenue: AU$-140,059
Chairman: Italy Peitong1
Coach: Netherlands Meindert van der Vegt
Youth Team
Youth Team: Montefiore FC
Youth ID: (1670532)
(24,202 seats)
(300 seats)
Primary: Black & Red
Secondary: White
VI.666 Season 31
League: 1
Oceania Cup: 0
Hattrick Masters: 0
Golden Ball: 0
Golden Boots: 0

Associazione Calcio Montefiore (often simply known as the crowins) are an Oceanian Hattrick football club based in Melbourne, Victoria. They play in the V.156 League and have won only one championship in their second season.They have a fairly small squad of twenty-one players and a coach.

A.C Montefiore

A.C Montefiore were founded in 2010. The playing squad consists mainly of Australian and Sweedish players. A.C Montefiore play at their local ground, which thus was named after them is called Montefiore Arena. The crowns mains Rivals are Real Troodos FC. A.C Montefiore have unsecsefully tried to organise matches with VSV, but the VSV hierachy have refused their offers on the grounds that A.C's squad was not up to scratch to play VSV. A.C Montefiore.


Colours and Crest

The teams colours were chosen to echo the Montefiore region.The clubs logo is a remake of an A.C milan logo, with the Traditional coat of arms Montefiore included in the crest.


Senior Squad

No. Position Player
1 GK Cyprus Jeffrey Clooney (C)
2 DF Denmark Aksel Baatrup
3 DF Kazakhstan Muhit Spashev
4 DF Finland Tommi Paimensalo
5 DF Oceania Teddy Pettigrew
6 MF Sweden Hector Kronen
7 MF Norway Peer Gram
8 MF Germany Reginald Kühnicke
9 FW Sweden Göran Kyhlen (VC)
10 FW Oceania Joey Malins
No. Position Player
11 MF Spain Jesús Mariñas
12 WI Romania Dániel Antal
13 WI Oceania Yiorgos Kapsokefalos
14 WB Latvia Sebastian Rechberger
15 WI Italy Giuseppe Bonasia
17 DF Sweden Nikola Ðorović
19 FW Oceania Ben Maslin
21 WI Oceania Fred McGuigan
24 FW Oceania Josip Williams
29 GK Poland Henryk Szynkaruk


Meindert van der Vegt Netherlands

Meindert van der Vegt was recruited on 7/1/2011 as the club were looking for a bretter coach, Meindert is a previous hattrick player, he has solid coaching ability ad his neither fond of attacking nor is he defensive minded.

Youth Squad

Cencare JS is one of the best and most respected youth clubs in the hattrick system, they compete in an international leage called AFFF Youth League Division I.The senior VS Vlissigen staff and manager can sleep well at night knowing the fact that have such stars playing for their youth team notably Franklyn Gaize,Damian Plaza, Riku Furuya and Cameron Clarke. The academy has managed to produce current VSV player Fidel Cockaman. Cencare JS has three scouts in Lachlan Allsop(73),Alun Testoni(70) and Darryl Lizotte (70) and an awesome coach in the vastly experienced Lex Perman.

No. Position Player
1 GK Oceania Herbert Long
2 WI Oceania Dwayne Farmer
3 WB Oceania Waihoroi Penny
5 DF Oceania José O'Sullivan
7 FW Oceania Joe Baldwin
8 MF Oceania Zackary Rosewell
9 FW Oceania Jackson Randall
10 FW Oceania Tristiano Tait
11 FW Oceania Mitchell Stevens
13 WI Oceania Fergus Swan
14 WI Oceania Brent Bradman
15 MF Oceania Wayne Knutton
16 FW Oceania Duncan Lima
17 WB Oceania Tom Bloxham
18 WB Oceania Charles Kanuta
19 MF Oceania Travis Balshaw


VSV have a huge board of technical staff.With experience coming from all over the world, helping the manager and coaches improve the playing squad.

Current Technical Staff

Position Name Nationality
Club Owner Riccardo Maurizi  Italia
Manager Peitong1  Italia
Coach (Asst Man.) Meindert van der Vegt  Nederland
Asst. Coach Ollie Mulholland  Nederland
Asst. Coach Barbrieri La Gruna  Italia
Assistant Manager Heinrik Krause  Österreich
Director of Football Jono Georgiou  Cyprus
Reserves Manager Edoerdo Campenni  Italia
Academy Director Florian Meier  Deutschland
Chief Scout Sylvester Heslehurst  Belgium
Goalkeeper Coach Gerrard Dubois  France
Goalkeeper Coach Giacomo Moretti  Italia
Fitness Coach Johann Smithers  Schweiz
Chief Psychologist Marco Da Silva  Italia
Psychologist Harry Van Dijk  Nederland
Dietition/Nutritionalist Varta Gresia  Italia
Sports Scientist Agata Czarnecki  Polska
Physiotherapist Daniele Capozzi  Italia
Physiotherapist Wejsley Naaktgeboren  Nederland
Chief Doctor Fabian Krol  Belarus
Doctor Vincento Farvano  Italia
Doctor Geogres La Roux  France

Current Board of Directors

Position Name Nationality
Owner Riccardo Maurizi  Italia
Chairman Peitong1  Italia
Assistant Chairman and Director Robert Bursian  Rossiya
Social Director Giuseppe Russo  Italia
Treasurer and Finance Director Antonio Esposito  Italia
Marketing and Media Director Mario Castrogiovanni  Italia
Institutional and Assets Director Sergio Morretti  Italia
Sports Director Jono Georgiou  Cyprus
Accountant Lugano Pasquadibisceglie  Italia
Accountant Paolo De Luca  Italia
Spokesperson Vincenzo Manganella  Italia
Spokesperson Giorgio Prestininzi  Italia
Spokesperson Leonardo Ubbriaco  Italia
Spokesperson Fillipo Iacovelli  Italia