A.S. Roma Calcio

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A.S. Roma Calcio (9201)
Managed by Suppamax
Club information
Location Roma Italia
Continent Latin Europe
Founded 22-09-2001
StadiumOlimpico (95.000 seats)

A.S. Roma Calcio was one of the first italian clubs. It was winner of season 17 Coppa Italia andSerie A champion from season 20 to 22 . It had played in top division from 15-04-2002 to 29-07-2006, when manager Suppamax (LA for the community) decided, still at his peak, to leave the game.


Born as amaggica on 22-09-2001, the club changes his name on 31-12-2001 and starts a winning streak of 1 national cup and 3 top division victories.

Prize shelf
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