AAF – HFR clash

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The official score: AAF – HFR 0-1
The unofficial score according to AAF: 3-2; according to HFR: 2-3

This is a clash between the AJAX Amsterdam Federation and the Hattrick Federatie Rotterdam

The 1st clash, January 26th 2005

In this first clash, the AAF won more than ⅔ of the games and took a 1-0 lead.

The 2nd clash

The result of this clash is still questionable. The AAF claimed victory, because it claimed to have won most of the matches, although, according to them, the difference was very small. The HFR claimed victory, because of some walk-overs from the AAF-side. Due to the small difference there was a lot of discussion about who was the righteous winner of this year's edition. No-one will ever have THE ultimate answer, as the other side will never agree with their rival. This commotion made another clash impossible for the next few seasons.

The 3rd clash, November 29th 2006

After the second clash it took a while before the two federations wanted to play against each other again. The HFR and AAF agreed to reset the score, because of all the troubles that arose due to the nullification of the second clash. The Ajax-federation won this clash (77-70) and took a 1-0 lead again.

The 4th clash, March 21st 2007

The HFR won this clash by miles. After the 97 matches ended, the final score was 41-56. The HFR won 34 of the 48 matches played at their home. The AAF won only 27 of the 49 games played at their homeground. Therefore, the official score, agreed to by both parties, is 1-1. The unofficial score, according to AAF, is 3-1, according to HFR, is 2-2. Nevertheless, the new score is 1-1. Hopefully the clash will continue to exist, making for beautiful excitement amongst the participating teammanagers.

The 5th clash, July 6th 2011

It took over 4 years before both federations wanted to meet again. Once again it was decided to forget the past and start with a new score, although the last 'new' score was without debate. HFR won 18 of 28 home matches, while AAF only won 12 of 27 home matches (and drew 1). So HFR won 32-22, and are leading 1-0 according to the latest score, or 2-1 according to the last undebated score.