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Kit.gif AC Fiorente (765307)
AC Fiorente
Founded April 25, 2005
HT-User MaartenJan_Roeleveld
Coach Thierry Aubéric
Country Nederland
Regions Gelderland, Zuid-Holland
Prize shelf Arwin10.jpg Arwin9.jpg Arwin8.jpg
Arena Fortaleza Invencível
Capacity 30,777
Fan club O Exército

The club was founded 25-04-2005 in Nederland as EFC Ajax. The competition was in its closing weeks and there were only 2 games left. Ajax won both and managed to stay in the tenth division. It was the start of a successful new football club!

The first 3 full seasons

The season after EFC Ajax ended on the 3th spot after a stunning season in which Ajax had chances to win the title! The club had namely an great points advantage at the middle of the season compared with their opponents (AFC Wijk United and FC Bulle's). It was one of the most exciting seasons in the history of the club.

The next season Ajax became the champions and promoted automatically towards the 9th division. Ajax proved to be the strongest team in the confrontations with the two main contenders (leeuwenhart and Sabana Perdida). So in the end Ajax won the title with a 4 point margin!

In the 17th season in Nederland Ajax did a heroic job. This time Ajax won the title without dropping a single point! The competition however had 5 "active" teams at the start of the season. At the end there were only 3 "active" teams left. Still it was a nice performance from the club that properly will never be repeated...

The battle: Ajax versus Grastrappers

The final league table of season 18

After such a great season the fans start to wonder if Ajax could have a shot at winning the title in the 8th division. The first place was also required to promote from the VIII after the League restructuring (the season before also the 2nd place had right to promote). The 2 other contenders for the title were Football Furies '73 and the big favorite Tsv Grastrappers. That last one seemed to be the real opponent for the title when the season was well underway. So the matches between EFC Ajax and Tsv Grastrappers happened to be the keymatches this season.

The first confrontation ended in a one goal victory for Grastrappers, although Ajax had the best chances keep the points at home.
In the second confrontation Ajax played with an counterattacking/motsing 4-4-2 formation, which was the first time Ajax countered in a official match. Till this day the fanbase remembered this match as the most beautiful match in the clubs history. Grastrappers had an astonishing 74% possession, but they did not manage to penetrate trough the defense of Ajax. Ajax however scored 3 times, which resulted in a victory. The result proved to be enough to keep Grastrappers behind and grab the championship. Which was won by a margin of only 2 points.
Grastrappers however, still play in the same league and despite of the big expectations every new season Grastrappers ended 4 consecutive seasons just below the promotion line. Currently they still play in the VIII.40.

The seasons in the 7th division

Then EFC Ajax came in the 7th division and had to suffer a lot of losses for the first time in history. It was only in the very last match that Ajax secured itself above the relegation spots, to great relief of the fans.

At the start of season 20 the board decided that the club would be renamed to AC Fiorente to give the club a more distinguishing name. The fans hoped that AC would do a lot better then the previous season and secretly they hoped that the club would promote again. That proved to be impossible when various clubs started to improve their squads with some great players. The result was that the fan-base (O Exército) had to be pleased with a 4th place and 15 points less then the champion.

In season 21 "O Exército" could speak for the first time in history about a successful cup run! 3 teams were beaten before Fiorente was defeated by 3th divisionist Fc Der Freddy (which had one of the strongest squads in Nederland). In the competition however Fiorente was still very competitive, although the VII.31 had become one of the most toughest leagues in the 7th division! For one week Fiorente was even leading the table, but a few matches with some bad luck courses Fiorente let the championship go to Cichlid. The battle for the second place was still very exciting, with 4 candidates to grab the second promotion ticket. Accept for Fiorente The teams were: RKSVM (the team with a very strong defense), Vermoeiend (which was a very strong overall team, but with also a lot of bad luck) and KPK '48 (which played with a divine mid which courses to burn up all there money 2 weeks before the end of the season). All of the 4 teams dropped points regularly and after 14 matches Fiorente managed to grab the 2nd spot! A great result imagining that Fiorente had one of the lowest wages!

The ending of a successful era

To great disappointment of everybody who was close involved with the club Fiorente didn't manage to survive the first round of the cup. The start of the competition however was more promising. After 4 matches the club only lost once and gained already 5 points. After this relatively good start the club lost 6 matches in a row, which meant that relegation was nearly unavoidable. This proved to be true and although the club earned 10 points in the last 4 matches this was still 1 point short of survival in the 6th division.

Season 23 marked the start of some dramatic changes. The most important one was the big sellout. Clubhero Tony Klumpp and wing/striker Hennes Simmer when to other clubs for a total of 3 million euro. Some midfielders were also on the nomination of being sold but the club decided that they were needed to make sure that the club still had a chance of survival in the 7th division. This season was not the most enjoyable for the supporters with again a first round knockout in the cup and very few victories. When the season was finished again half the matches were lost and just 4 were won. This however was enough to have a 6 point gap with the number 7 and a 5th place.

Famous players

A picture of Rieuwert Hotting in action!
  • Netherlands Maarten-Jan Roeleveld

When playing for Fiorente he was a fast winger who treated many defenses and when he became manager of Fiorente (in season 18) he showed some great wing attack tactics.

  • Switzerland Tony Klumpp

Bought for a astonishing €1.640.000,- in season 20 and became directly one of the most important players of the squad. He was sold in season 23 when the result went down for €1.983.000,- this even meant a unexpected profit.

  • Netherlands Rieuwert Hotting

First team keeper since season 18 and the player with the most matches for Fiorente. He was sold at the end of season 21.

  • Netherlands Marinus van Beveren

Played till season 17 at AC Fiorente. Returned in season 21 to the club to bring the club back to the top of the table.

  • Netherlands Floris Fledderus

One of two keepers who were bought prior the start of the 22th season and proved to be a very fast improving one. According to many he even became a better keeper than the legendary Len de Ridder.


A view of the Fortaleza Invencível
Name Fortaleza Invencível
Last improvement 20-07-2007
Total capacity 30777
Terraces 19420
Basic seating 7725
Seats under roof 2831
Seats in VIP boxes 801

The stadium was built with a capacity of 12.000. After a while it became much too small to seat all the fans of the club, so the stadium was enlarged to a capacity of 18.000 and 25.001 later on. The board announced on the 9th of Juli 2007, that they are going to increase the stadium to the capacity of 30777.

The name of the stadium "Fortaleza Invencível" is Portuguese and means invincible fort. Funnily enough Fiorente historically preformed better in away games than at home. Because of that, some of the die-hard supporters (member of "O Exército", the army) only watch the clubs away matches in a stadium!

The shape of the stadium is also inspired by a fort, with the tribunes instead of the towers which you see at most forts.

Unofficial cup participations

Hattrick cup159x200.gif
  • De Sjappies Cup: (season 18)

Won the final against F.C. Marsupilami with 1-4. (matchID: 81002743)

Fiorente won all matches except for the final it was lost by 2-3 to Pretty in Pink. (matchID: 112764173)

This time Fiorente manager MaartenJan_Roeleveld was one of the 2 cup organizers! Unfortunately Fiorente got eliminated in the first group round.

Despite of losing the qualification round Fiorente managed to survive the first group round without dropping points. In the second group round Fiorente won the first two matches before being knocked out by ... Pretty in Pink!

After winning the qualification round Fiorente managed to draw all 3 matches in the first group round which wasn't enough to proceed.

Fiorente started off very impressive with a victory in the qualification round and three victories in the following round. However in the second group round the club failed to grab any points.

Season history

Name Season Position P/R League Victory Draw Loss Points KNVB Beker Victory Loss
EFC Ajax 14 7.* X.205 2 0 0 6
EFC Ajax 15 3. X.205 9 2 3 29
EFC Ajax 16 1. P X.205 10 3 1 33
EFC Ajax 17 1. P IX.476 14 0 0 42
EFC Ajax 18 1. P VIII.40 12 1 1 37 1st round 0 - 5
EFC Ajax 19 6. VII.31 4 1 9 13 1st round 0 - 1ET
AC Fiorente 20 4. VII.31 8 0 6 24 2nd round 2P - 2 0 - 10
AC Fiorente 21 2. P VII.31 8 2 4 26 4th round 3 - 2, 2 - 1, 5 - 3 0 - 4
AC Fiorente 22 7 R VI.96 4 3 7 15 1st round 3 - 4
AC Fiorente 23 5 VII.700 4 3 7 15 1st round 0 - 2
AC Fiorente 24 - VII.700 3th round 7 - 0, 3 - 2 1 - 7
Total 75 15 38 240 6 7

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