AC Panthera

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Associazione Calcio Panthera (222154)
Managed by Giosue_Perretti
Club information
LocationWashington USA
ArenaStadio di Gatti
Fan ClubIl Leone

AC Panthera (AKA Panthera) is a soccer team located in Washington State, in the USA. Team owner Giosue Perretti bought the team in 2007, at the end of the VI.16's 33 season, as Fimbulwinter FK, in California. Later that year the team changed to Ragnarok FK. At the end of the 34 season, Ragnarok finished 3rd in the league.

During that off season the team changed administration, becoming AC Panthera, and then moved to Olympia, Washington. They play their home games in the Stadio di Gatti. Their home kit is blue, and bears a golden lion across it's chest. They wear blue shorts as well. When the team travels abroad, they most often wear red jerseys, sporting the same golden lion, and red shorts.






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