Adolfo Illarramendi

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Adolfo Illarramendi
Personal Information
Full Name Adolfo Illarramendi
Nick Name Illa, El Piedra (The Stone), El Sucesor (The Successor), La Leyenda (The Legend)
Country Argentina Argentina
Player ID (255293719)
Position Forward
Number 7
Club Argentina Buenas. Peras
Senior Club
S. 39 - 64 Argentina Buenas. Peras
S. 67 - 68 Argentina Buenas. Peras

Adolfo Illarramendi is an argentinan former player, famous for being the top scorer of Buenas. Peras with 356 goals. He also holds the record of appearances with the team playing a total of 398 matches in all official competitions. He was promoted by the end of Season 39 (August 15th of 2009) at the age of 17 years old, but played his first official match in season 40. In Season 39 he played 3 friendly matches and scored no goals. He announced his retirement in Season 64 at the age of 42 years old. In 15th December 2017, at 44, he announced his comeback to the sport. He retired for good in June 14th 2018, Season 68 at the age of 46 years old.

  • Career games: 398
  • Career goals: 356
  • Career Hattricks: 40

The Legend continues

By the end of Season 66, and after two very poor Seasons of Buenas Peras while Illarramandi stayed retired, some rumors of a possible comeback started to circulate around the city. The bad situation of the team, the desire of a renovation and the necessity of competitiveness finally turn the situation in favour of the return and on December 15th 2017 and after a two Season rest, Adolfo Illarramendi made official his comeback to the game and Buenas Peras at the age of 44.

In his return Season (67) he gained the league V.252 adding a new championship to his successful career, the 9th.


Topscorer VI.png Topscorer VI.png TemplateScarpaV.png Topscorer I.png Topscorer I.png TemplateScarpaV.png
Season 46 Season 49 Season 53 Season 58 Season 60 Season 64
Buenas. Peras Buenas. Peras Buenas. Peras Buenas. Peras Buenas. Peras Buenas. Peras
VI.55 VI.242 V.47 Consolation Cup Consolation Cup V.114

Career Factoidss

  • He retired for good on June 14th 2018 at the age of 46 years old and 17 days.
  • On January 25th 2018 at the age of 44 years old and 101 days he reached 350 goals in Buenas Peras. (Match)
  • He announced his comeback on Friday, 15th December of 2017 to face Season 67.
  • In the first era of his career, from Season 39 to 64, he played 383 official matches, scoring 347 goals and 40 hattricks.
  • He announced his retirement on Friday, 14th April of 2017, Season 64.
  • His goal average until retirement was 0,91
  • He won 9 titles (8 leagues and 1 cup).
  • He was loyal to Buenas. Peras his whole career.
  • He was the top scorer of Buenas. Peras of the season 22 times, 20 times in a row.
  • Became top scorer of V.114 (Argentina) for season 64 with 10 goals at the age of 42.
  • Became top scorer of Consolation Cup (Argentina) for season 60 with 13 goals at the age of 38. Becoming the oldest top scorer in the history of ht-Argentina in an official Cup, and the first and only player to be a two-time scorer in the Conolation Cup (Argentina).
  • Became top scorer of Consolation Cup (Argentina) for season 58 with 18 goals. Being the top scorer of every National Cup of Argentina of the season.
  • Became top scorer of V.47 (Argentina) for season 53 with 16 goals.
  • He became the player with most appareances in Buenas. Peras' history in Season 53 by overpassing Hans Persson's record (with 191 at that moment)
  • Became top scorer of VI.242 (Argentina) for season 49 with 28 goals. And the 10º top scorer of Argentina in the season.
  • He became the top scorer in Buenas. Peras' history in season 47, by overpassing Mikael Hollund and Matias Jesús Pergolini (both had 73 goals scored).
  • Became top scorer of VI.55 (Argentina) for season 46 with 16 goals.
  • 15th August of 2009 at 17:26 Was promoted from the youth squad in Buenas. Peras at the age of 17. (Season 39)