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Angry Kirk
Angry Kirk2.JPG
Personal Information
Full Name Angry Kirk
Country  Oceania
Player ID (327104526)
Position Winger
Actual Club Oceania Kimber FC
Sénior Club
Season 46 - ?? Oceania Kimber FC
U-20 National Team
Season 48 - 49 Oceania Oceania U-20

Angry Kirk is the first ever HT player to receive a non-HT face. It may be short-lived, but here it is, saved for posterity for all to see.

  • National Team matches: 0
  • U-20 Matches: 2
  • Mattrick Masters Matches: 0
  • Career Goals: 29
  • Career Hattricks: 0

Early Life[edit]

The Birth of a Legend[edit]

Angry began his career as a member of Kimber FC's youth academy. He was promoted to the senior team at 17.08 with Excellent Winger and Inadequate passing and with a good age for U20's. He was a virtual unknown until he was promoted, and listed in the Excellent YP (Youth Pull) thread for that week. It didn't take long for someone to link his name to Captain Kirk (early Star Trek movies/series) and 'being angry'. "Fire phasers!" was one of the first comments in the thread. It was all taken in great humour and within 7 posts, the current 'photo' was linked to the player by a certain GM-DrKeps (a long-time visitor to the Oceanian Forums, a frequent contributor, and a past U20 manager of Oceania). Within hours the photo appeared.


His coming was greeted with great mirth, and all in Oceania celebrated the amazing gift that had been bestowed on our proud nation. There were no posts of protest, at all. However, within 24hrs, a great debate broke out on Global, discussing the pros and cons of such an 'easter egg', and appearing in such a way. The opinions being shared were about 50/50 for and against 'Angry Kirk'.

The Manager's View[edit]

Keywords: (Angry Kirk)

By: KimberFC 15111581.170 as reply to 15111581.114
To: enigmamz 2011-07-24, at 13:48
I'm the proud owner of Angry Kirk, and yeah I can see your point, but I never asked for any of this to happen. The HT's took a liking to him and decided to make him "special". As others have said, he is just like the old Bob Sunesson - an "Easter Egg"...

I don't plan on reaping any additional rewards for having him. I was a winger trainer before he was promoted, and I'll stay a winger trainer until he hits 21 (at least). My hope is to try and get him into the NT, not to sell.

IF the time does come where he is to be sold, and IF he happens to go for more than a fair price, by all means, the HT's can adjust it. I more than likely won't sell him though, and if he keeps the pic, will one day promote him to the Hall of Fame. Hell, he already deserves it! :D

I, along with heaps of other users take my HT quite seriously, which is why I'm a Supporter. That being said, I think it should been seen for what it is, just a bit of fun.

The story behind GM-DrKeps among others found the name amusing and asked if HT could change the face to what we later could see:

Keywords: (Angry Kirk)

By: GM-DrKeps 15104504.7 as reply to 15104504.1
To: All 2011-07-19, at 09:13
I'll try to bribe the HT's switching his picture to this:


Division IV.PNG Division V.PNG
Season 48 Season 53
Kimber FC Kimber FC

Special Moments[edit]

  • 30-10-2012 13:01 È stato soprannominato James T. mentre giocava per Kimber FC.
  • 29-07-2011 20:00 Ha esordito nella Nazionale in U-20 Oceania.
  • 19-07-2011 05:05 È stato promosso dalla Giovanile di Kimber FC all'età di 17 anni.
  • 08-01-2011 01:19 È stato selezionato e assunto da Philip McAllister per Kimbers Kids