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The Arkham Asylum Seekers are a football club situated in New South Wales, Australia. Part owned by English side Twelve Hawks United, sharing the same chairman, their origin story is murky at best. All that is known for certain is that Twelve Hawks United were instrumental in helping this club to request asylum in the Oceanian League system, after years of abuse from a masked vigilante.

The Board

Aside from the Chairman, not a lot is known about the board or how many it comprises of. Below is all we know. (Some names hidden for legal reasons.)

Chairman Surf and Turf Mansell - The public face of Twelve Hawks Utd, seems to be more in the background of this new venture.

Director Mr J - A poor soul, whose mouth bares terrifying scarring caused by the masked vigilante. His demeanour is heroic, always ready with a quip, a joke and a wide smile on his face. A true inspiration to the players of The AAS of triumph over adversity.

Director Mr F - A very intelligent man who unfortunately has a rare disease causing his skin to be of blueish caste. Makes no secret of the fact that part of the reason for the move was to continue to find a cure for his ailing wife. Something that the masked vigilante did everything to stop previously.

Director Ms Q - Another former victim of the Masked Vigilante who has moved down under to try and forget the horrors of the past. Hopefully with time, the sun, sea and surf will do just this.

Club History

The Early Years

Season 40 VI 4


Managed By:

Location: New South Wales,  Oceania
Founded: 06/05/2013
Fan Club: The League of Shadows
Highest Ranking: 1882nd

Prize Shelf:

Arena: The Insane Asylum

Home Kit:

Away Kit:
League Position W / D / L Cup
VI.4 5th 6 / 1 / 7 Round 2

The AAS, started their new venture in VI.4 of the Oceanian League. In their opening league match they put 5 past New Krondor Kings in a 5-1 thrashing. Scoring 15 goals in their first three games was a great start, but one this inexperienced side could not maintain. They went on to lose the next seven, before regaining some form near the end. The AAS were also delighted to make it past the 1st round of the cup, before narrowly bowing out in round 2.

Season 41 VI 1021

League Position W / D / L Cup
VI.1021 1st 14 / 0 / 0 Round 3

In season 2 the AAS used a loop hole to move to a different bottom division, done to maximize training. They strolled through all opposition promoting to Division V. In the cup the side went one better than the previous season, beating Mighty Dooks and Italians Adelaide before being thrashed by division 2 powerhouses Mangrove Mariners.

Season 42 V 142

League Position W / D / L Cup
V.142 4th 6 / 1 / 3 Round 2

Season 3 saw the Arkham Asylum Seekers step up to a higher level for the first time. Still in the process of training up their goalkeepers, a few ringers were brought in to help results in other positions. Paradise Surfers were the clear strong team of the division, waltzing to the title, but the AAS were able to compete with the rest of the league

The Players

As of this moment The Arkham Asylum Seekers are spending all energy on training their keepers, and hence all other players are on borrowed time. Below are the two keepers.

Name Shirt Goals Position Age on Arrival Nation Information
Tyson 'Mother' Rucker (391378455) 1 0 GK 15 Oceania A product of the Asylum Seekers youth academy. It seems Tyson is destined for great things at the club. Still in his first season, Tyson hopes to continue to hold onto the first team jersey.
Elvin 'Bane' Bjelke-Peterson (389329422) 2 0 GK 16 Oceania Another youth product, Elvin began life as a defender before being convinced to give goalkeeping a try. Training, along with a special serum have seen 'Bane' significantly improve.