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Associacao Naval 1 de Maio (1429947)
Managed by jolipt

LocationCoimbra Portugal
ArenaMunicipal José Bento Pessoa
Fan Club2197

Associacao Naval 1 de Maio[edit]

Associacao Naval 1 de Maio (1429947) is a Portuguese Hattrick Club owned by jolipt. The team plays currently in VI.607. The name of this Club is an homage to my hearts team, Associação Naval 1º de Maio, from Figueira da Foz, Portugal. You can learn more from the Club in real life from visiting is official site. Web Page: Official site of Associação Naval 1º de Maio


Season Trophy
27 Division VI.PNG Champion of VI.607
26 Division VII.PNG Champion of VII.367

Goldenboot VII.gif Juan Antonio Tobón  Colombia (VII.367, 22 goals)

25 Goldenboot VII.gif Flávio Rocha  Portugal (VII.367, 20 goals)
24 Goldenboot VII.gif Flávio Rocha  Portugal (VII.367, 15 goals)
23 Division VIII.PNG Champion of VIII.319

Goldenboot VIII.gif Gabriel Santana  Portugal (VIII.319, 22 goals)

22 Goldenboot VIII.gif Alain Schlutt  Schweiz (VIII.319, 17 goals)
21 Division IX.PNG Champion of IX.2004

Youth Academy[edit]

The Escalões de Formação da Naval, where created in 22 of July, just in time for being part of São João (city festivities) at 24 of july and to celebrate with the older squad an year of existence at 25 of July of 2008.

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