Atlético Comercio

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Atlético Comercio (212440)
Atlético Comercio
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Club information
LocationEindhoven Nederland
ArenaEstadio de Comercio
Fan ClubLos Ejecutivos

Club Info


Atlético Comercio was founded on the 23th of February, 2004 as Commercie Utd FC. The name references to the ever increasing importance of economy in football, and therefore the necessary commercial activities of football clubs. After one season the name was changed since the owner preferred the better sounding name Atlético Commercio. Another three seasons later the linguistic error was removed and the club was renamed to Atlético Comercio, the current name.


Estadio de Comercio

In the first season the team played in a small stadium in Noord-Brabant with a capacity of 7,000. After that season the team relocated to Eindhoven where it build Estadio de Comercio. The initial capacity was 10,000. With the growth of the club the stadium size was increased several times, with a maximum capacity of 75,000. Nowadays it can host up to 68,400 visitors.

Terraces: 38,800
Basic seating: 14,900
Seats under roof: 13,100
Seats in VIP boxes: 1,600
Total capacity: 68,400


Global Season Dutch Season Silverware
47 36 VIII.684
39 28 V.108
35 24 V.85
32 21 VI.755
31 20 VI.755
28 17 VI.755


Global Season Dutch Season League Cup
48 37 in VII.380 1st round
47 36 1st in VIII.684 1st round
46 35 8th in VII.380 1st round
45 34 2nd in VIII.684 1st round
44 33 8th in VII.167 1st round
43 32 8th in VI.612 1st round
42 31 8th in V.92 2nd round
41 30 8th in IV.25 2nd round
40 29 5th in IV.25 7th round
39 28 1st in V.85 6th round
38 27 7th in IV.62 9th round
37 26 2nd in IV.62 7th round
36 25 4th in IV.62 7th round
35 24 1st in V.108 6th round
34 23 3rd in V.108 5th round
33 22 2nd in V.108 4th round
32 21 1st in VI.755 3rd round
31 20 1st in VI.755 6th round
30 19 2nd in VI.755 3rd round
29 18 2nd in VI.755 3rd round
28 17 1st in VI.755 3rd round
27 16 3rd in VI.755 2nd round
26 15 5th in VI.755 2nd round
25 14 2nd in VII.138 3rd round
24 13 5th in VII.138 1st round
23 12 4th in VII.138
22 11 4th in VII.138