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Atlético Westra (1076081)
Atlético Westra Logo.png
Official logo for Atlético Westra
Region Rogaland
Country  Norge
Geografic area Northern Europe
Continent Europe
Founded 21.04.2007
Stadium Estádio do Westra (capasity: 85,000)
Fan club Les Lions
League IV.48
Current V.250, 1st
Homepage Official Homepage
Manager Norway Espen_sko

Espen sko.png

Coach Italy Francesco Bonura

Skjermbilde 2013-09-08 kl. 14.11.26.png

Secretary Denmark Binali Pak

Binali Pak...png

Atlético Westra (Full name: Atlético Westra Football Club) is a Norwegian team based in Sandnes in the region Rogaland managed by Espen_sko. They currently play in league IV.48.


Foundation & Establishment

The club was founded april 17th, 2007, but it was not made official until four days after. There were several suggestions for the team name, but Kyrkjevollen Vikings were selected.

Kyrkjevollen Vikings played their very first match on april 21th. It ended with a 5-2 lose against FK Hetlevikåsen. The first victory came against Frøidistubabænd, with 3-0.

Vikings ended up with a solid 3rd place in the debutseason. The following two seasons they ended up with two new 3rd places. In their 4th season in VII.453 they finally got the promotion to sixth divition after a flawless season. 14 of 14 victories and goal difference with 78-9.


Kyrkjevollen Vikings debuted in sixth with a surprisingly 2nd place! They managed to finish 2nd the following two seasons aswell. As in 7th divition the club managed to be promoted after four seasons. With 40 of 42 points and 62-10 were by far good enough for FK Tåfis to get promotion to 5th divition.

For the first time in the history the club didn't manage to finish in top 3 in their first season in the 5th division as they ended at 6th place. The following season in 5th division they ended surprisingly at 3rd place, but then again in the next two seasons they fell down from the top 3 as they finsihed 4th and 5th. After the bad 5th-place-season the club managed to make two top 2 seasons in-a-row and came all the way to the sixth round in the cup! The following season Atlético Westra were outstanding at the top of the league as they became champions whit 7 points ahead of the second place. This was their first championship in 7 seasons!

Atlético Westra then faced fourth divition for the first time in the history and ended on a surprisingly second place. Westra was predicted as a mid-table team before the sesaon, but surprised everyone and finished second best with 8 victories, 1 draw and 5 losses. All though Atletico Westra surprised in the league they did disastrously bad in the cup as they were beeten out in round three, which was the worst in five sesasons.


Atlético Westra were predicted to become the winners in the following season, but ended up as number 7! The board of the club felt they were forced to sell the squad to avoid a economic crises and ended therefor at 7th place. The club was relegated for the first time in history. Not surprisingly they were relegated the following season. Altético Westra were then back to 6th division, 11 years after they got promoted from 6th to 5th division.


Atlético Westra made their comeback in season 50. They bought eight new players during the season and spent €32 million. The comeback season was spoiled because of the shocking qualifiers loss as they got beeten with 4 goals to three. Atlético Westra were 0-2 up at halftime, but after the fifteen first minutes of the second half they had conceded three goals. Westra were the best team during the whole match, but the home team had all the luck and won the game.

They did a new perfect season in the league by winning 14 of 14 league matches. They also did well in the cup. Winning against opponents in sixth, fifth and fourth divition is a good achievement. In the fourth round they got beaten with three goals to nill against a third divition team.

The third season ended with a second place. The season were a tough season with alot of figthing to avoid the qualifiers. A little disappointing they ended up thirteen points behind the winners. Stian Brekke became the topscorer for the second season in a row.

Back in fourth

Five seasons after the relegation from fourth divition they finally managed to get back, after an astonishing season in fifth with 13-1-0 and 56-9. They also showed their strength in the cup by reaching sixth round after beating a third divition team 5-1 and almost beating former premier team, Big Time Loosers. BTL became late winners by winning 3-4 in the 81th minute. Big Time Loosers finished their season as third at the second highest level in Norway and were beaten in seventh round of the cup.

Team names

Name From To
Kyrkjevollen Vikings Season 32 Season 36
FK Tåfis Season 36 Season 45
Altético Westra Season 45 UTD


Type Amount
League Winners 6
League Runners-up 7
League Bronze 4
U18-Cup Winners 2
U18-Cup Runners-up 1
Amatørenes Aften 1
Champions League 1


Matchkits for season 46.

Current Squad

No. Position Player
1 Norway GK Krister Vold
2 Norway DF Rolf Eilertsen
3 Mongolia DF Vachir Ghazan
4 Netherlands DF Freddie Baarssen
5 Norway DF Tony Henriksson
6 Norway MF Jan Eriksen
8 Maldives MF Jay Devchake
9 Norway FW Stian Brekke
10 Lithuania MF Heraklis Štencelis
11 Italy MF Menelao Priolo
13 Romania MF Ilie Untea
17 Norway FW Jonas Mentzoni
No. Position Player
18 Norway FW Tron Maudal
19 Norway FW Johan Hegna
20 Norway FW Knut Tynning
21 Norway FW Vebjørn Jensen
31 Norway GK Bjørn Rashid
33 Norway DF Terje Hovden
34 Italy MF Randy Ottana
35 Norway MF Hans Jensen
36 Norway MF Fredrik Sandbom
37 Norway MF Søren Clemmensen
38 Norway MF Osvald Terjesen

Player of the Year

Season Player Season Player Season Player
32 NorwayAndreas Karoliussen 42 SpainRaúl Visigodos 52 NorwayStian Brekke
33 NorwayNiclas Yssing Hansen 43 NetherlandsMidas ter Avest 53 LithuaniaHeraklis Štencelis
34 NorwayNiclas Yssing Hansen 44 NetherlandsMidas ter Avest
35 FinlandMikko Kousa 45 NetherlandsMidas ter Avest
36 PolandMateusz Arndt 46 PortugalBernardino Serra
37 TurkeySadri Karhan 47 ItalyJari Avesio
38 FinlandToni Ilonen 48 NetherlandsMidas ter Avest
39 NorwayJonas Mentzoni 49 NorwayKrister Vold
40 NorwayJonas Mentzoni 50 NetherlandsMidas ter Avest
41 DenmarkDennis Friis Nielsen 51 NorwayStian Brekke


Estádio do Westra

Estádio do Westra has been trough alot of refreshments and reconstructtions and does now have a total capasity of 85000. There are 38000 terraces, 43000 seats including 15000 under roof and 4000 V.I.P Boxes. The last attendance record was set against Dance of Death, and is 68951. The stadium is upgraded from 70 000 to 85 000 before the season 38.

The stadium has proven to be a difficult stadium to win at. Only 10 different teams did win against Atlético Westra at home when they played in 5th division even though the team has been a mid-table-team for a long time.


Atlético Westra maintain rivalry between Granville Rage, Limføttene Fotball Club and Westfield United, Earlier also against Arsenal253 and Ross Rangers.

The V.167 Derby

The matches between Atlético Westra and Limføttene Football Club is called The V.167 Derby. The teams are some of the best in V.167 history. There has been played fourteen league matches between the two teams. Limføttene FC has won eight of them, Atlético Westra has won five and one has ended as a draw. There has also been two unofficial matches, both ended with a 1-1 draw.

The third attempt to play an unofficial match were failed as the two teams' supporters made ​​rebellion and the game was forced to be canceled. This was the only thing that were missing for this derby to be a real rival derby.

East vs West

The East vs West derby is the oldest of the two active derbies. The two teams in the derby is Atlético Westra and Granville Rage. There has only been three league matches between the two teams, all ended with victories to Atlético Westra. Even though there's only been three league matches, the totalt amount of mathces is 36! Atlético Westra has won 23 and Graville Rage has won 13.


Note: only official matches are considered.

Record Date Name Competition Result
Biggest Home Win 09-02-2013 Atlético Westra - ForzaGodset IF VI.806 10 - 0
Biggest Away Win 27-04-2013 FC Bardal - Atlético Westra VI.806 0 - 12
Biggest Home Loss 28-04-2010 Atlético Westra - Team Trælnes V.167 0 - 11
Biggest Away Loss 15-10-2008 Team Silju - Atlético Westra Cup 9 - 0
Largest home attendance 09-10-2013 Atlético Westra - Big Time Loosers Cup 73 633
Lowest home attendance 12-05-2007 Atlético Westra - Frøydistubabænd VII.453 2 210
Largest transfer in 19-11-2012 Lithuania Heraklis Štencelis VI.806 5 390 000 €
Largest transfer out 22-06-2011 Luxembourg Dick Engels V.167 5 500 000 €
Highest ranked end of season Season 47 League IV.31 League IV 2nd
Lowest ranked end of season Season 32 League VII.453 League VII 3rd
Longest time unbeaten 01-03-2008 Season 35 Week 1 - Season 36 Week 1 League VII.453 15
Longest run of victories 01-03-2008 Season 35 Week 1 - Season 36 Week 1 League VII.453 15
Most apps Season 42-52 Midas ter Avest 153
Topscorer in one Season Season 51 Stian Brekke League VI.806 23
Topscorer overall Season 42-52 Midas ter Avest 153

The Academy

Atlético Westra's Academy has brougth forward many good players like Jonas Mentzoni, Ole Eskild Berg, Morten Olsen and many more.