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Atletico Vincent
Atletico Vincent.png
I Bianco-Azzurri
Segni distintivi
Colori sociali: Azzurro, Bianco
Simboli: Toro
Inno: Ecstasy of Gold, Ennio Morricone
Dati societari
Città/Regione: Napoli
Paese: Italy Italia
Zona geografica: Europa Latina
Continente: Europe
Campionato: VIII.553
Fondazione: 2008
Presidente: Italy Vincent86
Stadio : San Vincent
(28.000 posti)
Division X.PNGDivision IX.pngDivision VIII.PNG
Campionati: 3
Scudetti: 0
Coppa Italia: 0
Hattrick Master: 0
Capocannoniere: 5

Atletico Vincent(235130) is a club in Hattrick. It was founded on 21th March 2008. Currently, it plays in IX.1090 division in Italia.

The manager of Atletico Vincent is Vincent86.

Atletico Vincent play in Napoli, in the Stadio "San Vincent"

Atletico Vincent in the first year of birth, it managed to make the double jump category from X to VIII.

The year 2009 was a see-saw, in the first two seasons scored two quiet salvations, then the third season has gone to the brink of promotion to VII, it coming in second place. The fourth season of 2009 was the most negative, with an undeserved relegation in IX league. In season 42, Atletico Vincent reached second place, and it was promoted back to VIII league. In season 44, Atletico Vincent catches the historical promotion to VII!

Club History

Season League Cup
45 4th in VII.688 1st Round
44 1st in VIII.553 1st Round Division VIII.PNG
43 6th in VIII.553 1st Round
42 2nd in IX.1090 -
41 7th in VIII.2005 1st Round
40 2nd in VIII.2005 1st Round
39 5th in VIII.2005 1st Round
38 6th in VIII.2005 -
37 1st in IX.1920 - Division IX.png
36 1st in X.3167 - Division X.PNG
35 5th in X.3167 -

Top Scorer

Atletico Vincent also has four top scorers, in chronological order:

Louis Vandeloo, the Coach

Belgium Louis Vandeloo is the Coach of Atletico Vincent from 23/08/2008. His young age allows him to be very close to the players, In fact, he is skilled in raising young players.He is a good coach, with a balanced tactical approach, and prefers that both the 3-5-2 and 4-4-2. His palmares include: two championship wins, and one direct promotion with second place. In mid-season 43, Louis decides to leave the bench of the club, now aware that it has completed a cycle. The President has given him the opportunity to enter the managerial staff of the club, and then enter forever in Atletico Vincent. .

Christer Bernby, "Il Genio"

Il "Genio" Christer Bernby

Sweden Christer Bernby, is the most important player of the team. He was acquired 26/03/2008. He wears the number 10 jersey; He graduated top scorer X.3167 (Italy) for the season 36 with 10 goals. His nickname is "IL GENIO". He is of Swedish nationality; The president said he will be unsalable and he will finish his career here in Atletico Vincent

First team squad

(updated 05/03/2011)

1 Italy GK - Alberto Pellanda
2 Italy DF - Antonio Sugarotti
3 Argentina DF - Soo-Man Lee
4 Belgium MF - Eliot Deknudt
5 Italy DF - Winfred Pesl
6 Switzerland WG - Albrecth Petermeier
8 Italy MF - Ferdinando Cataldi
9 Italy FW - Pietro Luca Bertuletti
10 Sweden MF - Christer Bernby
11 Germany FW - Ludwig Reimar Raden
12 Italy GK - Ezio Monteverdi
14 Italy FW - Marcello Marrone
16 Lithuania MF - Arnas Šekštelis Captain
17 Italy WG - Evaristo Sbalzer
20 Italy DF - Pietro Fejles
23 Switzerland JK - Vincent Defrance


Atletico Vincent's stadium

The stadium is the San Vincent. The capacity is 28.000 seats, was renewed two times, first in 2008 (15.000 seats), the second in 2009 (20.000 seats) and the third in 2011(28.000 seats). It has full coverage and various additional services (bar, toilets, parking etc. etc.)

The areas of the stadium is divided as follows:

  • Terraces: 16.627
  • Basic seating: 6.661
  • Seats under roof: 4.059
  • Seats in VIP boxes: 653

Total : 28.000 Seats


The name of the group of fans is "Toro Azzurro". Now the group has just over 1,440 fans and it is always in constant growth, in relation with the team

Official Kit

The official kit of Atletico Vincent is produced from Adidas (sponsor since season 38). In Season 44-45 the Official kit is :

The Away and Home Jersey of season 44-45

See also Previous Official Kit

Atletico Vincent Juniores

Atletico Vincent Juniores is the club's youth team. It was founded on 05/01/2009, and it participates in more than four years in "Torneo Sfigatini Italiani"; From here have left many young talents and This year the team is fighting for the victory of youth championship.The team plays in the stadium "San Vincent Junior" (300 seats) adjacent to the main stadium. The coach is Gian Franco Cotti Borrone, and the two talent-scout are: Ernesto Bachini (working in Naples) and Pier Ugo Odorizzi (working in Rome)


(updated 05/03/2011)

Presence Player Nation
148 Christer Bernby Sweden
116 Eliot Deknudt Belgium
106 Raffaele Marra Italy
94 Presiyan Vùlkov Bulgaria
78 Luca De Angeli Italy

Gol Player Nation
73 Christer Bernby Sweden
25 Luca De Angeli Italy
21 Juan Luis Zelada Chile
19 Ludwig Kruspel Germany
18 Ludwig Reimar Raden Germany
  • Match won with the highest deviation: Atletico Vincent - THE BIG SHOOT 11-0 of 01-05-2010
  • Official match won with the highest deviation: Atletico Vincent - THE BIG SHOOT 11-0 of 01-05-2010
  • Match lost with the highest deviation: Atletico Vincent - Shugrud F. C. 0-10 of 16-03-2010
  • Official match lost with the highest deviation: Atletico Vincent - GiacosTeam 0-9 of 30-11-2010
  • First goal ever: Italy Gianni Tomeo in Atletico Vincent - Abyss 1-0 of 22-03-2008
  • Best positive strips: 10-05-2008 - 22-11-2008 (24)
  • Greatest number of consecutive wins: 31-05-2008 - 22-11-2008 (21)
  • Most goals in a championship: Chile Juan Luis Zelada (15)
  • Most goals in a game: GermanyLudwig Kruspel (4) in Braniac - Atletico Vincent 0-9 of 28-11-2009
  • Many times as captain: Germany Edmund Greim (22)
  • Increased number of minutes of unbeaten: Czech Republic Konrad Grzelczak (990 minutes)
  • Highest price for a purchase: Italy Alberto Pellanda (2 754 000 €)
  • Highest price for a supply: Italy Raffaele Marra (1 632 000 €)

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