Baksteen Kiša Derby

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The Baksteen Kiša Derby (Head-to-Head)
View of the streets of Belgrade, Serbia, after a Pada Kiša road victory on June 1, 2020.
First Match 25.05.2020
Country  Srbija  Nederland
Zone Europe
Teams Baksteen Boys & Pada Kiša FC

The Baksteen Kiša Derby is a Dutch Netherlands and Serbian Serbia Derby. The teams consist of Baksteen Boys and Pada Kiša FC. A total of 26 people have died in the aftermath of such a heated rivalry, which has seen many intense matches since its inauguration on May 25, 2020.



Date Type Score Winner Goals Series to date
25-05-2020 Single Game 2-2 (3-2) Extra time Kiša Baković, Radosavljević, Monserrat, Przytulski 1-0 PK W1
01-06-2020 Single Game 5-0 Kiša Weigart, Balković, Muhić, Omerović (2) 2-0 PK W2
08-06-2020 Single Game 4-6 Baksteen Cappellieri, Lazariuc, Radmilović, Chunsa, Eygel (3), Omerović, Puhalainen, Zamyshlyaev 2-1 PK L1
15-06-2020 Single Game 2-1 Kiša Weigart, Radmilović, Monserrat 3-1 PK W1
21-06-2020 Tournament


  • Only those that have scored multiple times will be listed.
Player Team Goals
Bogdan Omerović PK 3
Eygel BB 3
Monserrat BB 2
Weigart PK 2
Radmilović PK 2

The Donald Trump Memorial Award


This award is given after every season to the player that has accumulated the highest combination of Red and Yellow cards.

Red cards being worth 3 points, and Yellow cards being worth 1. There is also a 1 point bonus for scoring in the same match that you received a card, as well as 3 points awarded for instigating an injury.

Season 59

The teams met for the first and only two times late in the season. Luka Vitasović was the only one to break the rules, as he punted the ball outside of the stadium in a fit of rage after tripping and falling over an idle ref's foot.

Player Team Yellows Reds Bonus (Goal + Card in same game) Caused Injury Total Points
Luka Vitasović PK 1 0 0 0 1