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The April Fools' Joke Balls was introduced as the online helper application within Hattrick. He popped up like the old and quite controversial MS Office Paperclip [1] on several pages on the site.

Balls in action

The addition of Balls was made on the first of April 2009, with the following announcement:

01-04-2008 I’m here to help
Please welcome Balls, the Hattrick Assistant. Balls will always be ready to give you a helping hand when you need it, and he’s also designed to improve your Hattrick knowledge – for both newbie and veteran players!

Balls uses his artificial intelligence and neural networks to acknowledge what you’re up to, what you’re thinking about and when you’re in need of help. And he’s always happy to help!

Balls immediately caused a storm of annoyed users on the forums, wanting an option to turn him off. Many users were convinced that this was just another April Fools joke. They were proven right later in the evening when the following announcement appeared:

Balls being annoying!
01-04-2008 April, April...
The Hattrick assistant, Balls, may have been very happy to help, but naturally it was an April Fools' Day joke. One can also say it was our little tribute to Clippy the paperclip, the most famous "helpful" software assistants of them all. We hope you've had a few laughs during the day. :)

See Also[edit]

  • A Stylish plug-in for FireFox that makes Balls look a little more feminine can be found here.