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What is Beltrick[edit]

Beltrick is a Belgian Hattrick organisation. It was set up by HBF-Maauwke to improve the HT community. In the meantime Beltrick has grown, and now it is managed by a large crew.

The most important project is Beltrick Nieuwsblad(BN). Here you'll find Hattrick Belgium and Global news. BN presents you articles in lots of different categories : Hattrick Belgium, Hattrick Global, Hattrick-features, polls, interviews, tips and tricks for managers and much more. At the start, Beltrick only aimed at Belgian Hattrick community, but after a few weeks Beltrick decided to go international. Now Beltrick is one of the biggest AHP's and is still growing!

Other Beltrick projects are the Beltrick Forum, the Beltrick Mega Cup, the Beltrick Kalender and Beltrick Wiki. Links to the different projects can be found on this page: Beltrick Intro.

Beltrick Forum[edit]

The Beltrick Forum is an external forum where managers can talk about Hattrick and Beltrick. It can be used in many languages. Therefore you need to register.

Beltrick Mega Cup[edit]

Beltrick Mega Cup (BMC) is a huge friendly cup, with 512 teams participating. Beltrick provides prices for the first 3 teams. The system works with PHP and provides lots of stats. Untill now, only Belgian managers could join BMC, but there are plans to expand to other countries in the future.

Beltrick Kalender[edit]

Beltrick Kalender is an online calendar, showing all Hattrick events, especially in Belgium.

Beltrick Wiki[edit]

Beltrick Wiki is the wikipedia version of Beltrick. You'll find a lot of information about Hattrick, especially Hattrick Belgium.