Bergen Flyers

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Bergen Flyers is a team from Bergen in Norway. MiniDuden is the teams coach.

Bergen FC (1076526)
Managed by MiniDuden
Club information
Location Bergen Norge
Geographic areaEurope
StadiumBadekaret (28 000 seats)

Most caps = Marius-Ioan Antonaş (99)

Top scorer = Ploutonas Chatzifotiou (30) 
Fan ClubBergen
Last update: 17-04-2014


Bergen FC was founded 19.07.2011 by MiniDuden. In the first season the club played in VI.457. They played their first match in week three in season 35. In the first match they lost 7-0 away against Kose FC. They lost their first four matches and ended at 6. place in the league. They ended at 5. place the next three seasons and 4. after that. Before season 40 they changed from VI.457 to VI.908. In their first season in VI.908 they came on 5. place, and they came on 4. place after that and take their first medal in season 42 when they came on third place. In season 43 they got their best league position ever when they came on second place. From season 44 they play in VI.913.

Famous Players

Greece Ploutonas Chatzifotiou

Japan 隆雄 (Takao) 森田 (Morita)