Blankaholms bolltrollare

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Blankaholms Bolltrollare is a club from Sweden, the club is led by Kludden since 2009-04-29. They have won 2 titles so far, in the division VIII and division VII. The club is currently playing in division V. Blankaholm play their home games at Blanka Idrottspalats, with a capacity of 54 120. Except the league games and cup games, the team is involved in the Golden Leauge, a big tournament for teams who are part of the "HTU Managers" federation. There have been some buzz about a name change of the team but nobody knows 100 % sure when it will take place and what the new name will be.

Current Squad[edit]

Blankaholms Bolltrollare
Team Kits
home kit
away kit
Day of Foundation: 30.04.2009
Club colours: Green and red
Social data
Country: Sweden Sweden
Region: östergötland
Championship: V.778
President: Sweden Kludden
Fanclub: Blanka Boyz
BB Arena.png
Blanka Idrottspalats: 54.120 total
Terraces: 25.000
Basic seating: 16.550
Seats under roof: 11.050
Seats in VIP boxes: 1520
No. Nat. Pos. Player No. Nat. Pos. Player
1 England GK Wil James 14 Palestine W Rabih Nassar
2 Uganda CD Tony Mwangi-Powell 15 Polska ST Paweł Tarczewski
3 Nederland CD Philip Vroemen 16 Sweden CD Patric Hagberg
4 Sweden CD Wasinton 'Bandsågen' Sheriff 17 Magyarország ST Albert Martinovics
5 England CD Roland Cruise 19 Danmark CM Bruno Bech
6 Deutschland CD Cedrik Aquamarin 23 France CM Jean-Yves Couet
7 Hrvatska W Janko 'Forest Snail' Magaš 24 Česká republika CM Zdenek Strolený
10 Rossiya W Ernest Varlamov 25 Sweden CM Daniel Stjärnen
11 Sweden ST Daniel Selskog 31 Polska GK Konrad Jeziorowski
12 Al Urdun ST Kasim Najjar 39 Portugal GK Jacinto Fagundes
13 Sweden CD Sören Bokstål