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Bottom Division Federation[edit]

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The BDF as it is commonly known is one of the largest federations which specializes in helping new players learn how to manage their team in Hattrick. The federation was founded on 18/11/2002 and has gone from strength to strength and now has a user base of over a 1000 members.

The federation was established with two goals, to help supporters in the bottom divisions, and to have fun. We offer:

  • A fun environment to share knowledge and tactics.
  • Between the Lines.
  • The BDF Championship League
  • The BDF Newbie Cup
  • The BDF Youth League
  • The Art of Hattrick.
  • A great forum.

It has also grown and branched out from totally focusing on new player development since as the membership has progressed through the hattrick league structure, so has their knowledge developed. This provides the basis of the informative BTL.

Check us out at the website:

Between the Lines[edit]

The unrivalled BDF magazine Between the Lines (external link to Between the Lines) produces an issue each week that can be found on the news menu on Hattrick. Each issue will contain a number of articles that will tackle a range of topics from articles on how to improve your team to humorous and special interest pieces. A list of useful articles can be found here if you are a BDF member: BTL - Management Library Index

BDF Cup Competitions[edit]

The BDF offers several cup competitions that are open to all BDF members and have previously offered prizes such as a free 12 month subscription to hattrick.

BDF Champions League[edit]

The BDF Champions League is the established BDF competition which is running for its fifth season. The organisation of the cup involves splitting participants into groups of 4 teams that form a league structure that mimics the hattrick league structure. Each season 1 team may or may not go up whilst two teams face relegation. There are three levels in the hierarchy with 4 leagues in the top division, 8 in the second division and 16 in the third division. The winners in the top division battle it out to be crowned the BDFCL champion.

A key element of the cup is that at the league stage the games can be organised at any time so if a team has a longer cup run they can postpone their friendly till a suitable date.

BDF Noob Cup[edit]

A more recent addition has been the BDFNC that is aimed at the younger teams in the federation to give them a chance of winning a cup. The competition has evolved from the initial format with a new qualification phase that decides which tier your team will progress to. Each tier follows the old format of containing 16 teams who play a standard knockout to decide who is the champion of that tier. Normally the cup begins in week 2 or 3 of the season so that the competition is limited to younger teams since experienced teams will generally enjoy a longer cup run.

Inter Fed Cup[edit]

Federation cup organised between the BDF and several other federations that last season included NVI, IVI and the DTF. The competition is split into junior and senior categories with the BDF traditionally excelling overall, competing with IVI about the victory.

The Art of Hattrick[edit]

This is the BDF's very own newbie guide that contains a reasonable overview of hattrick for a newbie to use however it is currently under revision.

Battrick and other games[edit]

Many BDF members also play Battrick, the cricket alternative to hattrick and this has allowed a community to grow around the game for BDF members. This has involved providing helpful advice and organising a friendly cup competition.

Other games are also catered for such as Popomundo ,Travian and Planetarium Manager.