Branzolino A.C.

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Branzolino A.C. (9087)
Managed by branzo
Club information
Location ? Italia
Continent Europe
Founded 09-10-2001
StadiumBranzolino A.C. Arena

Branzolino was one of the oldest teams in Italy. The team won two Coppa Italia in season 15 and 16. Then the club played in Serie A in season 19.


Branzo back in Hattrick 10 years after his first login.

  • 21-11-2011: The club changed owner as Branzo77 took control and renamed it: A.C Branzolino 2012.
  • 11-02-2012: A.C Branzolino 2012 finished as number 5 in X.729 season 47.
  • 02-06-2012: A.C Branzolino 2012 finished as number 4 in X.729 season 48.

The team is now close.

Prize shelf
Cupseason56.png season 15 Cupseason56.png season 16
Division II.PNG season 17 Division II.PNG season 18

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