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Broscute (1799055)
Preceded by
Season 66
Season 67
Succeeded by
Mahatma Memorial
Managed by maryusika
Club information
Location San'a' Al Yaman
Geographic areaAsia
StadiumBroscute Arena (88 000 seats)
Team colours
Home kit
Prize shelf
Hattrick Masters XXXX Goldenboot HM XXXX Hattrick Masters XXXIX

7 x Cupseason56.pngAl Yaman Cup (seasons 36, 38-43)

10 x Division I.PNG Yemeni League (seasons 34-43)
Youth Team
Team nameBroscutele mici
ArenaLacul broastelor
Last update of this page was made 20.07.2020

Broscute is a Yemeni team managed by (9674615) maryusika (also manager of team Romania brotaci), champion in Hattrick Masters XXXIX and XXXX.


Hattrick Masters MVP

Written by HPE-relu_ (30/11/2017 10:20)

maryusika had an impressive run in Hattrick Masters after he won the title in Yemeni League. With a little over 4 goals on average he is one of the most prolific champions Hattrick ever had.
Join us on this interview to see his thoughts about his achivement, his team and Hattrick in general!

Hello and congratulations for your HM performance! Could you please introduce yourself?

Thank you very much! My name is Marius, I'm 37 years old. In my childhood I used to play several football-manager type games, thus my interest in Hattrick. I'm playing since 2004 with a two year hiatus between 2007 and 2009. Many people asked me what I enjoy in this game. The answer in simple: I like to solve logic problems, I like numbers, I like probabilities, I like to make calculations, I like to estimate. For me the most fun part of the game is its math side, a side I always enjoyed. Then there is the community side. I've met many wonderful people in the game. I'm certain that part of playing for so long is owed to them.

Hattrick is a social game. Tell us about your best HT-friend and your most bitter HT-rival.

I have many friends from Hattrick. I can't nominate one for "the best". There are more of "the best". There are some with which I only speak on the Hattrick forum, there are some with which I also speak on the phone or even interact in real life. I thought at first to list them, but for sure I would have forgotten some, so it's better not to do it. In my opinion rivalry is a good thing that leads to progress. Many times I had as rivals very good friends from real life. When I played with my first team, brotaci (184280), in the first league from Romania there were seasons when the matches were against 3 or 4 good friends, which I was seeing for beers on a weekly basis. Those were the best times for me. About users I find repugnant.... Unfortunately there are also some of those, but I don't want to name them.

What is your definition of "success" in HT?

Fortunately, in Hattrick, success can be seen differently as the game allows more ways to play it (there are some interested in youth academies, some collect flags, some like the National Teams, achievements and so on). For me success means to play in the top league, to win trophies and to build a team capable of fighting against any other team across the world. To achieve that, one needs patience and a good management of resources.

Tell us your worst newbie mistake / your worst mistake in your HT carreer. Did you have a mentor at the beginning of your career to help and guide you through the first steps of running your team?

Most important mentor was the forum. I've read and asked a lot, I've followed managers who performed well, that's how I learned Hattrick. Of course I made many mistakes: In 2009, when I started the first training plan, I bought players without specialty as I thought it wasn't that important. I had to replace them later with others with specialties. :) When I was in the first league in Romania I wanted to switch from 352 to 253. The forward did come in but he played as defender :)

At the youth teams I forgot to send orders several times, especially when the matches started early in the morning. I put a player on sale and also bid on him. He wasn't sold so I lost the taxes. And the list can continue.

What motivates you to continue in Hattrick after so many years?

I enjoy the game and I always set challenges for myself. Even now, after winning the Hattrick Masters, I still have other targets to achieve.

Tell us how it's a normal day in HT.

A normal day in Hattrick? When I wake up in the morning I open hattrick on the phone. At work the hattrick page is almost always open. Every day I'm reading the Romanian national forum and the forums from the federations I've joined. For orders I use the calendar from My Hattrick. It is a good help, especially for those with three senior teams and three youth squads. Without it I would have forgotten to send orders many times. On some days I am searching the transfer list for players. For the important players I use the phone alarm to remind me of the deadline.

Broscute is your second team. Please tell us the story of your team's name and why you've chosen this country. Are you connected to Al Yaman somehow (RL or HT)?

I never liked the idea to copy the name of a real life football team and I wanted to choose a funny name that no one else would use. Thus the name of the first team "Brotaci", meaning "frogs". When I opened a second team I kept the trend with "Broscute" (little frogs). No special connections to Al Yaman, matches start hours was the main reason for opening my second club here.

Can you analyse for us every match your team played in this HM campaign? Which was the most difficult match and where were you sure of victory?

I will start with the second question. The hardest match was the final (615248294). On each round I wanted to avoid ACN Fiorentina (111746). I knew very well the strength of this team, I even support it for a long time and I want it to win the Masters some time as it deserves that. I knew it would be a close game.

The training took place a few hours before the match. And I had bad luck: 6 players dropped in form versus a single raise. Unbelievable! Bad luck before the most important match!

I analysed the opponent quite well and I even wrote with five minutes before the match started what ratings I thought he would get: (17131536.206) and I was pretty close!

First minute ratings:

Defense: 16.5 - 14 - 10 Midfield: 21.25-21.5 Attack: 17-18-16

The 7-2 final scoreline is unjust. Replays were 13-7, with 4 - 3.1 average goals.

On the other matches:

I have to admit that I was pretty fortunate in opponent draws, with some strong teams eliminating each other. I consider that I had the first chance to win in each game but I still consider myself lucky in having eight consecutive games without "funny" results. In most of the games I read correctly what the opponents will play.

On the other hand winning the trophy was a surprise for me. I sincerely wasn't expecting that. I knew that I had built a team that would be hard to beat, but not that I would win it. I am aware that there are various other teams just as strong worldwide.

Still..., you've had very high ratings in almost all 8 games and your team scored more than 4 goals/match on average. How do you comment this?

Honestly, I didn't knew about this impressive goals average. In certain matches I was lucky and scored many more than I deserved. Looking back to HM matches, it is obvious my team's ratings are very strong, about 565-580 hatstats, especially in semifinals and final 608/601. I know there are only a few teams capable of such big numbers in HM, on neutral ground. Some statistics about it would've been nice, but, unfortunately, Hattrick doesn't provide this kind of feature. All I can say is that my players are very well trained, some of them by me, even from 17 y.o. Now they have between 2000 and 2450 HTMS points. Also, most of the players I've bought had over 2000 HTMS points.

What about the future goals? Any plans for NT or U-20 coaching?

National teams are an attraction and a challenge for many users in the game. I ran in Romania last time and lost by five votes. In the near future I don't think I will run in Romania but I might give it a try somewhere else.

How do you see HT in the future? Are there any features you would like to have developed?

I think the game will continue on the same line. I am not expecting major changes. I think and hope that we will still be playing Hattrick when we will retire.

Still...,I have a few ideas that I hope would be implemented in the future:

1. Top achievements - the list should have the top 100 users instead of 5 as it is now (I don't think it would be hard to implement and it would be more interesting for everyone). Users would be able to find their fellow countrymen easier.

2. The 15 minutes break seams useless. I would prefer that the second half would start immediately after the first ends.

3. Standings by Hatstats or something similar (as it was on htev) would be nice to be implemented. Also shouldn't be hard to implement and would offer some interesting information for the users.

4. If a team wins the cup and the top league, the cup finalist or the second placed team in the league should also be accepted in the Hattrick Masters.

5. I would like to see for the chances pressed whose team they were.

6. In the countries with few active users, where elections are won with 1 or 0 votes something must be changed. Often times a single user decides the fate of an entire "hattrick nation" for many seasons in a row and it doesn't seam fair to me. There are several solutions for that. Here is one of them: if second team users would be able to vote it wouldn't be OK as "gangs" would appear and the user with the most compatriots there would win. I would choose another option:

Let's say that in country X there are: 10 Romanian users, 12 Italians, 5 Belgians, 3 Argentinians, 1 Bulgarian, etc. Then a single user from each country would be able to vote, the one that ranked first in the previous season. So the votes would come from the local users of country X plus 1 Romanian user, 1 Italian, 1 Belgian, etc Of course I'm sure there are some even better ideas to solve this issue.

Name two things you would change in Hattrick, if possible.

I would change a single major thing in the game. I would lessen the "random factor" for matches. I understand very well probabilities as I graduated in Mathematics. I know there are users that enjoy it, but it is my personal opinion that it should get lowered. I know you would reply by saying that luck / bad luck compensate each other. The lesser the random, the more important the tactical choices get. I'm certain there are other teams better than mine, I'm sure there are users better than me that didn't win Hattrick Masters. I ask you: is that fair?