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Localization / HT Denominations

As the denominations in HT have not been XML'ized, yet, I discussed the issue on the conferences and finally got around to publishing an XML file, and a PHP class providing a basic interface for retrieving localized denomination strings.

The package includes:
- lib / class.HTAK_Denominations.php (the PHP class)
- htak_denominations.php (an example file echo'ing all strings in complete HTML bodies to the browser)
- languages.xml (An XML file with all denominations for all languages)
- languages.php_object (A serialized object of the PHP class mentioned above, with full language data)

Current version, compiled on October 9th, 2006: HTAK Denominations 2006-10-09 (.zip)

Alexander Golubowitsch, Wurstsemmel FC (Team 1156116)