CPAM FC referees matches

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Hall of fame players of CPAM FC France team, managed by CHPP-teles, who are now referees are listed here with their most memorable matches as referee.

France Régis Gillot
02-01-2017 Match league.png Guatemala Shadow Samurai (3-3) prexteros Guatemala
17-11-2016 Match league.png Chile Radicales Libres (4-0) December Burns Red Chile
09-11-2016 Match cup.png Dawlat Qatar The Best of The Bes (1-6) Qatarodenburcht Dawlat Qatar
21-02-2016 Match league.png Ukraina FC Hoverla (2-0) IREX Club Ukraina
31-01-2016 Match league.png Eesti SGD Õuna-Endlike (3-3) Fc Tarminaator Eesti
16-10-2015 Match cup.png Makedonija U-20 Makedonija (0-2) U-20 Tounes Tounes
19-07-2015 Match league.png Polska PANZER (1-2) KIEŁPINO FC Polska
20-06-2015 Match league.png Lietuva Lesalas Crew (1-3) FC Antoska Lietuva

France Franck 'Franck' Franck
30-01-2016 Match league.png Suomi L4553 (3-1) Mancini's Mob Suomi
17-01-2016 Match league.png Rossiya Lucky.Tiffozi (2-3) FK Doberman`s Rossiya
16-01-2016 Match league.png España Santa Eulalia F.C. (2-4) CAÑITA BRAVA España
09-01-2016 Match league.png Portugal La Hayabusa (2-1) rafeiros-1986 Portugal
03-01-2016 Match league.png Nederland negen inch toppers (2-0) Boelies Nederland
03-01-2016 Match league.png Nederland Hommerts City FC (4-0) De dorpers Nederland
02-01-2016 Match league.png Hellas Nea Ionia 2013 (3-1) REAL MAKEDONIAS Hellas
30-12-2015 Match friendly.png Nederland EL POYO FC (3-5) Marwin United Nederland
30-12-2015 Match friendly.png España Aupa_Osasuna (2-2) alhomania Portugal
26-12-2015 Match league.png Latvija Fast Gladiators (3-1) Laktrosisti Latvija

France David Papet
05-03-2016 Match league.png Cymru reddevils1991 (10-0) Powys FC Cymru
20-02-2016 Match league.png Hrvatska FC Inter 2006 (6-0) NK Blue Devils Hrvatska
23-01-2016 Match league.png Schweiz FC Stadtpolizei Winterthur (2-0) FC Andiast United Schweiz
17-01-2016 Match league.png Al Kuwayt Sporting Club Cairo Jr. (4-0) Vilsbiburg Cannibals Al Kuwayt
10-01-2016 Match league.png Hanguk Euphoric FC (8-0) Facebook city Hanguk
09-01-2016 Match league.png Northern Ireland Jams Revenge!!!! (2-2) Four Mile Burners Northern Ireland
09-01-2016 Match league.png France F.C. Bel-Air (9-0) Rosson A.C. France
09-01-2016 Match league.png Italia F.c. InTeRnAzIoNaLe MiLaNo 1983 (12-0) Evancon Italia
09-01-2016 Match league.png Italia tuttocampi (2-0) Treviolo Nuovo Cuore Granata Italia
09-01-2016 Match league.png Hellas 8ura 7 ag. paraskeyi (2-4) Maximilian III Hellas