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Manager of CVP (21108) in Nederland
Played Hattrick from 2002 till 2007. Made a comeback in 2012 with CVP '02 (150118).

Casartelli was a well known manager in his first era. He attended many Hattrick Meetings, including the very first one in Utrecht, and had his own radioshow with Medivh on HT-Radio. The show had over a hundred listners on sunday evenings and was known for their jingles and telephonic interviews with other managers.

He tried to become national coach but gave up after being the runner-up for three times and two more third places.

News message in 2002

Casartelli, who started by the nickname of "Broodrooster82", is also known for making the Dutch translation of Hattrick back in 2002.
He made up all Dutch words for every rating, specialty and attribute in the game. The dutch translation started in april 2002 and was finished in october later that year.

After finishing the translation, he and his friend Medivh became the first users in Hattrick with the LA-Prefix. Something that Medivh had come up with.

In 2007, Casartelli was banned from Hattrick for bidding too much when he tried to purchase his former youth squad pull and superstar Kornel ten Berge. He made a comeback in 2012 and is still playing Hattrick.

Other information[edit]

Co-founder of the ODF
Dutch Language Administrator from april 2002 till december 2003.
Lead translator "Project English -> Dutch" (2002)