Kornel ten Berge

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Kornel ten Berge

Kornel ten Berge was a true star in his age. He played on several world cups in the national teams of the Netherlands.


When Kornel ten Berge retired he held 2 records.

All-time topscorer for the national team.
Most goals ever scored in dutch leagues .

He got 4 topscoring titles. 2 times the II.3 in his CVP era and the II.1 and Eredivisie top scoring title for N.V.F./Eibergse Boys.

He scored 358 goals. He is still the youngest player that ever achieved 350+ goals in the Netherlands.

Team History

Kornel ten Berge played for 4 different teams.

He started his carreer in the youth squad of CVP and was promoted to the senior team june 2002. After CVP he went to the Knights of the Hockey Pokey.

After just 3 months ten Berge moved to N.V.F. and he won everything there. The national eredivisie, the KNVB Beker,.. he won it all.

After 2 years Kornel decided that he needed a new challenge so he moved to SKL4ever in october 2005.

Kornel ten Berge went back to his hometeam CVP in 2007 for 6 million Euro which became a bot-team right after the transfer. No-one has ever seen him since. He was 32 years when he retired.


In 2013 a Hattrick tournament, the Kornel ten Berge Trofee is named after Kornel. The tournament consist of eight teams.

One of the stands in the Castellum (CVP '02 stadium) is named after Kornel ten Berge.


45 games for the Netherlands national team (incl. 14 World Cup matches)
21 games for the Netherlands U-20 national team (incl. 10 World Cup U-20 matches)

358 Goals