Clan Phoenix

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Clan Phoenix (67863)
Managed by Sir Schluurggi
Club information
Location Highlands and Islands Scotland
Geographic areaEurope
StadiumClan's Castle (14 510 seats)
Fan ClubNeibourheid
Last update of this page was made 4.06.2015

Clan Phoenix (also known as the Clanners or CP) is a football club located somewhere in the Highlands of Scotland. The Clan's Castle is located in Glen Coe.


It took a long time for Sir Schluurggi to run a second team, but then in November 2014 he decided to do it and Clan Phoenix, named after a grey horse, came to exist.


The Clanners have been brought into a series with eight really managed teams, to get a bit of competition. All the teams in this series have been second or platinum teams.

Rank Team Win Draw Loss Goals + Goals - Diff. Points
4 Clan Phoenix 6 4 4 29 19 10 22


The Clanners of course joined tournaments and the two most important shall be mentioned here.

The Golden League

It is the first season the Clanners have been part of the Golden League and they made it to the GL Masters, where they finally faced the Mighty Karak Chai FC from India in the round of sixteen. The first game ended in a huge defeat (0-6), while the second leg was more balanced and ended in a close defeat (1-2).

The Platinum Cup

CP only played once this tournament and is about to start another attempt. Hopefully this one will be accompanied with more glory than the first one.


The team is still young and no titles have been won so far, but the management is busy to change that.

Scottish Cup

round two in Season 45 (57)


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Hall of Fame

There has no player entered the Hall of Fame so far.

The Childhood

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