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André Assunção (130694474)
Player130694474 new.png
Personal Information
Full name André Assunção
Nickname Assunção
Age70 years and 99 days
Country  Portugal
PositionInner midfielder and Forward
Current team Retired
Youth Career
Youth teamPortugal Stars of Magic
Senior Career
Seasons (Global)TeamAppearances(Goals)
18 (30)Portugal Stars of Magic0(0)
15 (30) - 16 (31)Serbia FK TOSINJO4(0)
19 (31) - 20 (32)Spain casa pepe's team8(1)
20 (32) - 28 (40)Catalunya Club Adolfo Rodríguez22(4)
28 (40) - 31 (43)Spain penetras f.c.43(17)

Appearances and goals counted for competitive matches only.

André Assunção is a Portuguese former forward in Hattrick.


Assunção didn't start his career very successfully, because he was transferred when he was promoted from the youth academy. In FK TOSINJO and casa pepe's team didn't play so much either. He was transferred to Club Adolfo Rodríguez then. He was a good inner midfielder playing more than a 100 matches, although only 22 of them were official, staying almost 8 seasons.

In penetras f.c., his last club, Assunção played regularly in league and cup line-ups.


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Club Adolfo Rodríguez

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Original Squad Roger Arànega · Pedro Balbuena · Miguel de Jongh · Trifón Reza · Alfonso Santolaria
Promoted from Youth Team Adolfo Rodríguez
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