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Players can get confused when you try a line-up they are not used to play with. The stranger the formation for the players, the greater the loss of team organization.

When in confusion, all squad will play below their normal capacity. This risk can be counteracted by "routine" and "experience".

When does it happen?

Teams will typically be able to maintain sufficient experience to avoid confusion in at least three different formations. This is done by alternating formations, playing one formation in the league match and the other formation in the cup match or friendly.

If you use a formation where formation experience is below excellent, confusion may occur. The following decides if your team will be subject to confusion:

  • If the team is used to playing with a certain formation, the risk decreases. This is the only function of the team's routine with a certain formation. You can build up formation experience by using the same formation regularly
  • If the players' experience (with a bonus for the team captain) is high, the risk decreases.

A test of confusion is carried out just before the match begins. Tests will also occur during match time.

Formation experience = ( XP sum + XP Captain ) / 12 * ( 1 - ( 7 - Leadership Captain ) * 5% )

"XP sum" is the sum of all your 11 outfielded players

Effects in a match

When your squad experiences a confusion-based match event, a text showing the level of team organization will be displayed in the match report. The "disastrous to excellent" scale will be used to describe the level of formation experience after the event. A confusion event saying that team organization fell to "wretched" means that it was very bad, while a drop to "solid" only had a very limited effect.

When you see a warning about confusion in the match report, depending on how important the organization level drop is, your team will behave as follows:

Team performance
Team organization Possession
Solid 95-98%
Passable 89-94%
Inadequate 83-88%
Weak 76-82%
Poor 66-75%
Wretched X-65%

Confusion affects possession. If the players are confused at half-time the coach can improve the situation somewhat by giving an extra briefing.

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