Copa Quisqueya

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Copa Quisqueya is the National Cup of the Dominican Republic. It was previously referred to as Dominican Cup; however, the name was changed after conference petitions and polls.

The name Quisqueya refers to the island of Hispaniola in the Taíno language, meaning "mother of the earth", but also used to refer to the country itself.

Copa Quisqueya champions

Season Team Name Manager Name
15 Dominicana's Finest FFHF-Dominicana
14 Atlético Red Bull RedBull007
13 Dominicana's Finest FFHF-Dominicana
12 fc nekroz andrishevchenko
11 Bebe Romo FFHF-Athos
10 Dominicana's Finest FFHF-Dominicana
9 Bebe Romo FFHF-Athos
8 FC Vaina Vaina
7 Bebe Romo FFHF-Athos
6 FC Vaina Vaina
5 FC Vaina Vaina
4 Jarabacoa fran_ruiz
3 Mansot manuelgomez84
2 Guatemala Albertozzz
1 Santo Domingo Angels -eduardo-