Coppa Italia VII Serie

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The Coppa Italia VII Serie is one of the Italian nationl cup. This Cup is open to all teams of VII series. The Coppa Italia VII Serie is organized just for the series that are not included in the National Cup. The team that wins this Cup can with some confidence to proclaim the best of the VII series.

Coppa Italia VII Serie Titles

Team Name Season
SanMartin 56
Giorgione 74 57
A.C. Digia 58
JuveCCCP 59
BsGio 60
Blacksheep United 61
Cupertino 62
orly axa 63
Ippopotami Assetati Di Sangria 64
The Genius 65
superiore72 66
Atalanta M4 67
Citala Team 68
Real Damar FC 69
hantu4ever 70
Real Puddings 71
Torpedodukla 72
Atletico Tarozzi 73
Real 88 74
Real Palaron 75
Monserrato HC 76
Real Porcino 77
GruppoBellaVita 78
Potamoippo 79
GruppoBellaVita 80
Atletico Tarozzi 81