Croatian elections for World Cup XXV

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The Croatian elections for World Cup XXV final results. The winner will lead NT during World Cup XXV . The final rounds will be played in France .

Place Manager Votes
1 KoM6uHaTop 56
2 rolacity 32
3 Naropa 16
4 Mokes 15
5 kikinhtev 5
6 -Franc 5
7 Tunyka 4
8 Usisac 3
9 Retired user 3
10 Retired user 2
11 Retired user 1
12 Retired user 1
13 travanelli 0
14 -Alcatraz- 0

Candidate speech

Hello to all managers of Hrvatska. Everyone of you may see, that NT Hrvatska is still out of final part of World Cup - Now it's already 5 compain a raw.

May be it's time to give a chanse to a foreign manager, like me?

I still very interesting to work here, and know, that We can build very strong Team together, which will play and fight for the medals. My big NT's experience and desire will help.

Let's try


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