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Damsco AFC
Damsco AFC.jpg
Kits Damsco.jpg
Founded: 10-04-2008
Clubcolors: Red & White
Country: Netherlands Nederland
Region: Amsterdam
Competition: VI.344
Netherlands Alinho
Fanclub: Damsco Lions
De Meer.jpg
Name: De Meer
Capacity: 32,000
Terraces: 30,000
Basic seatins: 12,000
Seats under roof: 4,800
Seats in VIP boxes: 1,200
Youth Stadium
Name: De Leeuwenhol
Capacity: 300
Hall of Fame
Trophies: Prijzen.jpg
Topscorers competitions: xxx (xx goals) Topscorer X.PNG


Damsco is a Dutch footballclub from Moordrecht, a small village with around 9,000 inhabitants in Zuid Holland.

The traditional colors of the club are red and black. The colors of the logo and kit's confirm this. Also in the stadium, witch a capacity of 48,000 places, the colors come back.

The manager of Damsco AFC is Alinho, who took over the club from 10-04-2008 up till now.


On 10-04-2008 Damsco AFC was formed. Currently the team plays in the sixth division (VI.344)


Selection of Damsco AFC:

Number Player Age Position
1 Netherlands Leen Eikema 22 Goalkeeper
2 Italy Luigi Franco Bortolini 22 Central Defender
3 Netherlands Hosseinie Shareef 23 Central Defender
4 Italy Manuel Pessina 26 Defender
5 Poland Tomasz Sękowski 28 Midfielder
6 Netherlands CLucas Verver 32 Midfielder
7 Brazil Hermelindo Bresolin 25 Attacker
8 Netherlands Pim Zoon 24 Midfielder
9 Brazil Betão Diniz Neto 23 Attacker
11 Netherlands Feddo Berkelman 22 Winger
12 Brazil Antônio Luís Pádua 36 Goalkeeper
14 Netherlands Daniël van der Giessen 21 Attacker
17 Netherlands Folkert Luijpers 17 Midfielder
18 Netherlands Theodor Middelraad 17 Attacker
19 Netherlands Steijn Claassens 19 Midfielder
21 Germany Lennox Boelzlbauer 21 Attacker
40 Netherlands Okke Tahamata 37 Midfielder
41 Netherlands Alex Keegstra 37 Wingback
75 Netherlands Noah van Bronckhorst 31 Midfielder
79 Netherlands Geert-Jan Thate 18 Goalkeeper
80 Switzerland Orell Miettinen 38 Midfielder
81 Netherlands Andy Pronk 18 Winger
82 Netherlands Hemmo Meutstege 19 Attacker
83 Netherlands Nico Paumen 17 Attacker
84 Netherlands Joshua Simonse 18 Attacker
89 Netherlands Gerlof van Eijk 18 Attacker
99 Netherlands Cor Eriks 34 Central Defender

* Last update 18 may 2011


The stadium "De Meer" is visited by teams of several countries accross the globe:

Argentina Belgium Brazil Canada Chile Colombia Denmark Germany Spain France
India Italy Lithuania Japan Norway Poland Portugal Thailand Romania Russia
Georgia Switzerland Finland Sweden Turkey Ukraine Uruguay USA

Damsco AFC travelled to several countries for international games as well:

Argentina Belarus Belgium Bosnia & Herzegovina Brazil Bulgaria Canada Czech Republic Chile China
Colombia Denmark Germany Estonia England Spain France Greece Hong Kong Croatia
India Indonesia Iran Israel Italy Latvia Lithuania Hungary North Macedonia Malaysia
Malta Mexico Norway Oceania Austria Paraguay Peru Poland Portugal Romania
Russia Switzerland Scotland Singapore El Salvador Slovakia Serbia Finland Sweden Turkey
Ukraine Uruguay USA Venezuela Vietnam

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