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DeDonnys (69911)

DeDonnys (69911)
Managed by DonnyNedved
Club information
LocationAmsterdam Nederland
ArenaYoung skilled strikers dome
Fan ClubTeam buiten Krijtlijnen

DeDonnys plays in division VI.511 in the Netherlands, since 15 march 2004 plays manager DonnyNedved Hattrick and he traind strikers and midfielders. The number 1 striker was always Henrik Eggstal, he is now 22 and since he came to the club as a 17 year old noob, has he scored more than 50 goals for the club in competition and cup matches!


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  • Champion Division 8 Division VIII.PNG



17 year old talents

Gutierrez.jpg Emilio Gutiérrez (90795270) from Uruguay

Vykaslal.jpg Miroslav Vykašľal (92323587) from Slovakia


DeDonnys trains playmaking, here are some training reports:

10-02-2006: Great teamspirit

Today we had a nice training, everybody was working hard and forgot about the incidents with Lafuente, we held a little trainingsmatch and this is how it went:

Dedonnys U20 v.s Dedonnys Veterans (21 and above), 45 Minute match:

6th minute U20: 17 year old attacking midfielder Vykašľal made a great pass to Latinovic (20 years old), Latinovic played lone striker but dribbled past the veteran defender Petinga and made a stunning goal at the inside of the woodwork. 1-0

19th minute Veterans: DeDonnys 61 year old trainer Neuhaus played as only midfielder but still ran like a hunting cheetah, with a magical pass over the head of defending midfielder Op Den Kamp, the ball came to 22 year old wonderstriker Egstall who made a simple goal past occasion-u20 goalie Villasenor (24 year old but we dont have keepers under 20) 1-1

28th minute U20: 17 year old Defending midfielder Gutierrez showed once again why he is the biggest talent of the club, with a lob from 20 meter he left the 31 year old Nir Yunger chanceless, a big shame for the experienced subsitute keeper. 2-1

44th minute Veterans: Goalkeeper Nir Yunger knew he had something to recover, with his Quick speciality he dribbled out of his goal to the middle of the pitch and with a nice pass he gave the ball to the also Quick defender Wilhelm Botzenhart, who found an opening in the defence, walked to the goalie, made a nice move and gave the ball to his coach who made the goal who made his first traininggoal of the season at 61 age! what a hero! 2-2

The match was over, but to decide who was going home with a big smile and who could bury himself in the ground of shame, we made a deciding extra time:

5th minute ET U20: 17 year old Hipolito Mijares finaly woke up when there was a free kick for his side, he curled it into the box where 20 year old defender Jose Maria Nicolas made a great header on the post, then there was a scrimmage with a high coming ball to 19 year old Midfielder Wierzchon who made an end to the match with a hard shot, 3-2 for U20!

After the match Matija and Henrik, the topclass strikers who already play 3 seasons together, agreed that this was the last match they were in a different team, but the training, well it was great to watch!

Greetings a fanatic DeDonnys Supporter

27-01-2006: Campienello.jpg V.S Lafuente.jpg

The Midfielders Campaniello and Lafuente started fighting at the training ground after Lafuente made a nasty tackle on the anckles of Campaniello, the manager talked to the and they decided it would be the best for the teamspirit if Lafuente left, Campaniello went to the clubdoctor and he was out for 1 week.

More vital information

More information can be found on the site Hattrick itself, you can always send a ht mail, or look at the official clubsite:

  1. DeDonnys website
  2. Hattrick