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Defense Trainers (2929)
Defense Trainers
Chief Officer Georgefc3
Founding date 12-02-2003
Members 2196 (on 29-01-06)
Languages English

Defense Trainers

Defense Trainers (D_T) - federation, a home for HT Supporters that, dreadfully, train defending. We can help you through all of your defense related training blunders, especially the hate that the engine has for us.

Founded on 12 February 2003, it is currently the largest Federation for those that train defense and boasts over 2000 members. Georgefc3 is the current President.

Suggested Prices

In an effort to help Federation members achieve top dollar for their trainees, the D_T Fed has researched the market to create suggestions to Federation members for a starting price for listing their players. While not manditory, Federation members are encouraged to list at least once at the market suggested price. Currently, suggested prices in Euros for our members:

  • Formidable - 1 000k
  • Outstanding - 1 500k
  • Brilliant - 2 100k
  • Magnificent - 2 700k
  • World Class - 3 300k

At higher skill levels buyers expect at least Inadequate passing. There has been a sharp dip in prices for upper tier defenders. Players who have good secondaries or are trainable can sell for more.

D_T Cup

Each season the Federation organizes a D_T Cup for members.

Season 26

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Season 27

During Season 27 the D_T Cup is being organzied by PIE-Shmaarts. The cup started after the 5th game in the leagues - 18-20th of October.

Web Site

An offsite forum] is available in addition to the Federation Forum for additional resource sharing and information that does not lend itself to the normal forum limitations.

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