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Devil's Haircut (515467)
Devil's Haircut
Managed by Simplicity
Club information
LocationOost-Vlaanderen Belgium
ArenaCeltic Park
Fan ClubCafé In den trap op

Devil's Haircut was a Belgian team founded by Simplicity on 30-06-2004. It was named after Beck's Devil's Haircut, a song that can be found on Odelay, Beck's 4th album. The owner left Hattrick around Season 36.


The team was founded on 30 june 2004 after it was requested on 19 june 2004. Simplicity was the first owner of the team, which played in the brand new Belgian 8th division in league VIII.691.

Season 10 (Devil's Haircut's 1st season)

  • League

This season, Devil's Haircut started in VIII.691. It faced tough opposition, but could finish quite easy 2nd, after the untouchable FC Gorex, a team that later quit Hattrick. There is only one surviving team from this league till today, It is Borgerhout Wanderers (515465), currently playing in VI with whom the manager still is in contact.

Season 11

  • League

After finishing 2nd in VIII, the team promoted to VII.9. The ambitions were high, but the team wasn't able to compete with the top and finished 4th behind 3 stronger teams. After a very tough start, the team was able to regain confidence and climbed up the spots.

Season 12

  • League

The 3rd season, the ambitions were very high. Devil's Haircut had to become Champion. The team was ready for it and the only thing that could prevent Devil's Haircut from losing the championship was bad luck or tactical mistakes. This was the season of glory for the team, it was able to get 42/42, which is not easy to become in Hattrick. This was the season where the training started to pay off.

  • Cup

Devil's Haircut ended his cuprun unexpected in round 4 after beating a team from 4th division in round 3. Then we were up against d'Ostênsche Vikings, who were too strong, the team lost 0-4.

Season 13

  • League

This season the team played in VI.999, a league who was soon to become one of the top leagues in Belgian's 6th division. The ambitions were nothing more than to secure 6th position, thus avoiding relegation. By playing smart, the team was able to earn some points by drawing against top teams, points that showed their worth at the end of the season, when we avoided relegation by 2 points.

  • Cup

Again after a strong cuprun, the team went out against a 3rd division team, the much stronger petards. Devil's Haircut wasn't disappointed, the cup became in fact less and less important for them.

Season 14

  • League

After finishing 6th the previous season, the team hoped to do better. After an easy season, when nothing special happened, the team ended up at the 5th spot, something the team had hoped for. The most important was that the team was able to improve and the manager was confident that it was able to compete the top teams in 1 or 2 seasons.

  • Cup

The team didn't really care about the cup anymore but still tried to do a decent cup run. This season they ended up in the 3rd round against a strong opponent: Sporting Kwakkerie F.C.

Season 15

  • League

The hopes were great in this season. After a traditional difficult start, luck was on their side and they started to secure their place. The team hoped to finish in the top 3, but ended up on place 5, with only 1 point behind 3rd place, the team proved to be a competitor for next season's title.

  • Cup

This season proved to be pretty much the same as last, 2 easy victories and then a defeat against a 5th division team, this time it was FCB4ever. With this performance the team reached once again only 3rd round.

Season 16

  • League

We aimed at a 3rd place, but soon it became clear that we could reach 2nd place. Unfortunately for the team, there was one team that was too strong for us, KFCBeeeee, which became champion with the maximum of 42 points. It became clear that Devil's Haircut could start aiming for the title and promotion.

  • Cup

Again the same story, 2 easy wins and then defeated by a stronger team from 5th division: koele kickers, which is in fact somebody the manager knows in real life, coincidence?

Season 17

  • League

Devil's had become the favourite for the title and demonstrated this already in the beginning of the season with strong wins over opponents, which gave them a very early lead over the rest of the series. The second half of the season was less good because of the injuries and the bad forms. Though Devil's managed to stay on top in the league and won the championship with 1 point ahead of competition. After a very close win in the qualifications, promotion was achieved!

  • Cup

Competition was the priority and the 3rd round was reached, where we were eliminated by a team from VI.

Season 18

  • League

Devil's ambition was to be in the top 4, so they shouldn't play a qualification match. This was done in an impressive way by starting very good. The form never went down and Devil's kept playing on a high level. The team secured the third position, with equal points as the number 2 and a big lead over number 4.

  • Cup

Devil's reached the 5th round, which was the best cup-run in their history.


  • League
Season League Won Lost Draw Goal Difference Finished
10 VIII.691 11 2 1 +26 2nd Place (Promoted)
11 VII.9 8 6 0 +15 4th Place
12 VII.9 14 0 0 +53 1st Place (Promoted)
13 VI.999 4 8 2 -6 6th Place
14 VI.999 6 7 1 +5 5th Place
15 VI.999 8 6 0 +5 5th Place
16 VI.999 10 3 0 +26 2nd Place
17 VI.999 11 1 2 +34 1st Place (Promoted)
18 V.141 10 3 1 +12 3rd Place
Total 82 36 7 +136

  • Cup
Season Round
10 No Cup
11 No Cup
12 4th Round
13 4th Round
14 3rd Round
15 3rd Round
16 3rd Round
17 3rd Round
18 5th Round


Celtic Park

The beautiful Celtic Park is the home base of Devil's Haircut, It's located in the middle of a green zone. It experienced some thrilling games and keeps getting expanded as the needs increase year after year. The current Arena is able to let 45.000 people watch the spectacular matches of Devil's Haircut.

Terraces: 28.395
Basic seating: 11.295
Seats under roof: 4.140
Seats in VIP boxes: 1.170
Total capacity: 45.000

Special players

  • Radoslav Borak

This was the most expensive player the team ever sold, they sold him for € 2.650.000. At this price, he went back to Slovensko at a much higher level of skill.

  • Fryderyk Dziedcziczak

The most expensive buy of the team. This Polish player is together with Eran Ghislain the star in the attack, a lot is expected from this duo in the next season.

  • Bas Ketels

Being the best youth pull from Devil's Haircut ever, he was sold to Zwola, a Polish team for the amount of € 903.000.

Funny Facts and Figures

  • The club's colors are yellow, black and white, the colors of Sporting Lokeren, the managers favorite club in Belgium.
  • The reserve outfits are green-white, the colors of the managers favorite Scottish team: Celtic Glasgow.
  • Celtic Park (named after Celtic Glasgow's Arena) was once been painted pink by jealous opponents, supposedly Scheefschoppers and KFCBeeeee.
  • The color of Celtic Park is bright white, it is said that this was done for sponsor purposes, because one of the sponsors is sunglasses-producer Oakley.