Diemen Warriors

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Diemen Warriors (503312)
Managed by dajabu

LocationAmsterdam Nederland
ArenaHet Olympisch Stadion
Fan ClubDiemen-Side

Diemen Warriors[edit]

Founded: 06 December 2004
Manager: dajabu
Stadium: Sportpark De Diemen
Country: the Netherlands


Diemen Warriors, formerly Dannyajax, was founded at 6 December 2004 by manager dajabu.

Dannyajax became the champion of division IX.196 in the 14th season. In the 15th season 15 the club became third in division VIII.626. One season later the club became the champion of division VIII.626. In season 17 the club was renamed to Diemen Warriors. Then the club played in division VII.6. After exciting matches against Gaziantepspor27 (6-5 win, 5-2 lose) and FC Magic united (1-1 draw, 2-1 win), the club became second and promoted to VI.629. In season 18 the club ended 6th after a difficult season. Diemen plays in the same division now.


  • Division IX.PNG Division IX.196 - Champions Season 14
  • Division VIII.PNG Division VIII.626 - Champions Season 16

Individual Honors[edit]

  • Mannus Benjamin - Topscorer of Division IX.196 in Season 14
  • Nisse Eggskär - Topscorer of Division VIII.626 in Season 16

Friendly Cups[edit]

Diemen Warriors participiates in friendly cups, but only in the SBSEA-Schaal, a friendly cup of the SBSEA-Federation. The historie:

  • SBSEA-Schaal I (8 teams) - Winner: Dannyajax
  • SBSEA-Schaal II (16 teams) - Winner: RVV ReoT , Dannyajax 2nd Place
  • SBSEA-Schaal III (29 teams) - Winner: Sparta Rotterdam , Eliminated in 6th Round
  • SBSEA-Schaal IV (34 teams) - Winner: RVV ReoT ,Eliminated in Semi-Finals
  • SBSEA-Schaal V (33 teams) - Winner: Robben , Eliminated in Group Stage
  • SBSEA-Schaal VI (31 teams) - Winner: Robben , Eliminated in Quarter Finals