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Dinamo Stavropol FC
FC Dinamo Stavropol
Full name: Dinamo Stavropol Football Club
Nicknames: Dinamos, Spurs
Country: Oceania Oceania
Founded: 2010
League: VI.21
Location: Darwin, Northern Territory
Fan Club: The Hotspurs
Revenue: AU$500,000
Chairman: Russia asbee117
Coach: Spain Abel De Los Rios Sanchez
Captain: Oceania Siggy Winkelmann
Vice-Captain 1: Italy Giuliano Lamandini
Vice-Captain 2: France Benoit Pinchon
Youth Coach: Oceania Darrel Pickhaver
Youth Captain: Oceania Nikola Dragutinovic
Youth Vice-Captain 1: Oceania Giuseppe Bettinardi
Youth Vice-Captain 2: Oceania Katilimomi Hawker
Youth Team
Youth Team: FC Stavropolye-2011
Youth League: OPA League
Youth ID: (1851489)
Pavlyuchenko Stadium
Yashin Arena
(300 seats)
League: 0
Oceania Cup: 0
OPA League Titles: 0
Hattrick Masters: 0
Golden Ball: 0
Golden Boots: 0

Dinamo Stavropol FC is a club based in Darwin, Northern Territory. It plays in VI.21.


  • To be filled


Senior Squad

No. Position Player
1 GK France Benoit Pinchon-VC
2 WB Hungary Jozsef Fuge
3 WI Bulgaria Nayden Mitov
5 MF Poland Marceli Panek
6 MF Switzerland Adrien Moreau
7 FW Hungary Sandor Zsoldos
8 MF Italy Fabio Rocca
9 FW Russia Lev Korolev
10 FW Hungary Karoly Fulep
11 MF Italy Giuliano Lamandini-VC
13 DF Austria Roman Baumgartner

No. Position Player
14 MF Poland Miroslaw Marut
19 DF Bulgaria Vasil Toshkin
18 FW Russia Yury Mokrousov
19 DF Iran Pirouz Mir Bagheri
20 MF Poland Bartlomiej Walinowicz
21 WI Oceania Siggy Winkelmann-C
23 GK Russia Andrey Anikiev
26 DF Oceania Marty James
32 WB Denmark Vagn Kalhoj
37 GK Italy Alberto Gallotta
40 WI Belgium Georges-Henri Regelink

Youth Squad

No. Position Player
1 WI Oceania Lloyd Muldoon
2 DF Oceania Donald Durie
3 WI Oceania John Hayes
4 GK Oceania Fili Stepanenko
5 MF Oceania Krish Singh
6 DF Oceania Pietro Carniani
7 WI Oceania Mack Hunter
8 MF Oceania Katilimomi Hawker-VC

No. Position Player
9 FW Oceania Nikola Dragutinovic-C
10 MF Oceania Hunter Montagna
11 MF Oceania Giuseppe Bettinardi-VC
12 WI Oceania Daryl Bradshaw
13 GK Oceania Mirko Bosnich
14 WI Oceania Percy Davidson
15 MF Oceania Jack Bratch
16 MF Oceania Elroy Dwight


  • Name - Pavlyuchenko Stadium
  • Region - Northern Territory, Oceania
  • Capacity - 13000
  • Other Facilities
    • Yashin Arena (Youth Squad and Youth Academy)
    • Arshavin Training Ground (Training Grond)
    • Rusal Sporting Complex (training, fitness, relaxation, Bandy)

Pavlyuchenko Stadium (formerly known as Dinamo Stadium and Stavropol Stadium) is the home to Dinamo Staropol FC. It holds a capacity of 12,250, and has one of the best turfs and atmospheres in the Northern Territory. The stadium has an side stand set-up, with further expansion to the stadium eventually resulting in an all-around set-up. The stadium seats have been recoloured to spell Dinamo.

The Western stand, known as the Ignashevich stand after the great Sergei Ignashevich, is the largest stand housing 7200 people as well as the VIP lounge. The Eastern, or Zhirkov stand houses 4800 people and is the home of the Hotspurs, who honour the name of club great, Roman Pavlyuchenko's, current team.

Outside the stadium, directly across the complex from it, is Yashin Arena, which holds 300 seats. Each stand can hold 50 people. "Yashin Arena" is the home ground for FC Stavropolye-2011. Behind both Pavlyuchenko Stadium, and the Yashin Arena is Arshavin Training Ground, the training ground to both Dinamo Stavropol FC and FC Stavropolye-2011. The training ground has exactly the same turf as both Pavlyuchenko Stadium and Yashin Arena to maximise performance of both teams. Adjacent to Arshavin Training Ground, the Rusal Sporting Complex can be found, housing a gymnasium, an indoor pool, a futsal pitch and a players lounge. It also houses the indoor Bandy rink for associated club BC Dinamo Stavropol.


The players of Dinamo Stavropol FC are coached by Abel De Los Rios Sanchez (Abe for short) of Spain. A former player for many legendary clubs, Abe retired into seclusion for almost 20 years before bursting back onto the world stage with the announcement that he would coach Dinamo. Loved by players, sponsors and fans, Abe is always confident about the abilities of the players under him and is always ready to speak his mind, whether to the press or his beloved players.


Season 43 to Early Season 44
Home Away
Season 44 -
Home Away


Dynamo Stavropol's major sponsors are Audi and Abramovich Oil. Their kit sponsor and supplier is Puma, and other minor sponsors include VneshtorgBank and United Company Rusal.

Audi is the world's top car company, serving the world's elite in all of their automobile needs. The Audi R8 has been hailed as one of the greatest automobiles of all time. Audi is the shirt sponsor for seasons 44-46.

Abramovich Oil is the worlds largest exporter of oil. It operates throughout Russia due to the large amounts of oil and natural gas in the country. Abramovich Oil is Dinamo Stavropol's sleeve sponsor for season 44.

United Company Rusal is the second largest aluminium company in the world and operates out of Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Georgia. United Company Rusal is Pavlyuchenko Stadium's sponsor for seasons 44 and 45.

VneshtorgBank is one of the worlds major lenders, their main clients are the owners of several major football clubs throughout the world, as well as the Queen of England and the Emir of Dubai. VneshtorgBank is the Youth Club Sponsor for seasons 44-49.

Season Kit Supplier Shirt Sponsor Sleeve Sponsor Stadium Sponsor Youth Sponsor
44 Puma Audi Abramovich Oil United Company Rusal VneshtorgBank
45 Puma Audi ? United Company Rusal VneshtorgBank
46 Puma Audi ? ? VneshtorgBank
47 ? ? ? ? VneshtorgBank

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