Ditry deeds

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Ditry deeds (101338)
Managed by tamias
Club information
Location Norrbotten Sverige
Geographic areaNorthern Europe
StadiumDitry deeds Arena (74 000 seats)
Fan ClubDirty deeds -
done dirt cheap (3 500+ members)
Team colours
http://res.hattrick.org/kits/12/115/1150/1149289/matchKitLarge.png http://res.hattrick.org/kits/16/154/1533/1532991/matchKitSmall.png
Prize shelf
Division I.PNG

Division II.PNG Ic Division III.PNG IIc Division III.PNG IIc Division III.PNG IIa

Division IV.PNG III.1 Division IV.PNG III.55

Division V.PNG IV.141 Division V.PNG IV.227 Division V.PNG IV.227

Division VI.PNG V.797 Division VI.PNG V.155 Division VII.PNG VI.631 Division VIII.PNG VII.585
Youth Team
Team nameDitry deeds the next generation
ArenaBon Scott Memorial
Last update: 22-11-2012

Ditry deeds is a Swedish team managed by tamias, Allsvenskan champion in season 49 and Hattrick masters runner-up in season 50.

Prize Shelf

  • Division I.PNG Season 49 Allsvenskan champion.
  • Division II.PNG Season 47 Ic champion.
  • Division III.PNG Season 46 IIc champion.
  • Division III.PNG Season 45 IIc champion.
  • Division IV.PNG Season 44 III.55 champion.
  • Division V.PNG Season 43 IV.141 champion.
  • Division VI.PNG Season 41 V.797 champion.
  • Division III.PNG Season 34 IIa champion.
  • Division IV.PNG Season 29 III.1 champion.
  • Division V.PNG Season 25 IV.227 champion.
  • Division V.PNG Season 22 IV.227 champion.
  • Division VI.PNG Season 19 V.155 champion.
  • Division VII.PNG Season 18 VI.631 champion.
  • Division VIII.PNG Season 17 VII.585 champion.

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