Double Bus FC

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Double Bus FC (1762845)
Double Bus FC
Managed by Glada_
Club information
LocationPays-de-la-Loire France
ArenaLa Bétonnière

Double Bus FC (1762845) was a French club. It was managed by Glada_ (11346242). During seasons 64, 65 and 66 the club played in the Championnat, the highest league in France.


Double Bus FC was founded in Pays-de-la-Loire on 23 March 2011 under the name Les Pieds Carrés. For the first season in Global season 45, the club entered the football league of IX.1578 and finished on the second place.

On 27 May 2012, the club changed its name to FC Tirs de L'Aigle, while playing in VII.454 during season 48. During the seasons 64, 65 and 66 the club played 3 seasons in Championnat, the highest professional football league in France. In season 64 and 65 FC Tirs de L'Aigle reached to the quarter finals of the Coupe de France and finished twice on the 4th place, their best place in clubhistory.

The team took the name Double Bus FC on 3 April 2018. On 19 September 2020, at the beginning of Global season 75, Double Bus FC became a Bot team. The last match of the club was played on 31 October 2020 against the Arpitan Corinthians FC (6–0 lost). The day after, on the 1st of November 2020, the license of Double Bus was taken and the matricule number of 1762845 was given to the newly created club Abelogo FC.


Championship Winner Runner up
Number Seasons Number Seasons
France National
Division II.PNG Second-level league S63 - -
Division III.PNG Third-level league S58, S62 S61
Division IV.PNG Fourth-level league S57 S56
Division V.PNG Fifth-level league S55 S53
Division VI.PNG Sixth-level league S52 S50
Division VII.PNG Seventh-level league - - S48
Division VIII.PNG Eighth-level league S46 - -
Division IX.PNG Ninth-level league - - S45

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