Drayco's Dragons

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Drayco's Dragons were founded on 04.08.2006/30-08-2011

Drayco's Dragons (1628707)
managed by Drayco101
Full Name Drayco's Dragons
Nickname Draycos
Founded 04.08.2006/30-08-2011
Location Dyfed, Cymru
Arena Drayco's Dragons Arena
Coach Euros Bennett
League III.13
updated on: 08-11-2008


Drayco's are widely known for there rough playing style, roaming the welsh leagues looking for players to injure. They have no mercy and will stop at nothing to beat the biggest teams in Wales. They're not to bothered about results. really! The Dragons have produced some top quality keepers in more recent season but now have taken to producing highly skilled wingers. The Dragons have gone from strength to strength over recent seasons, The Dragons took a long break from hattrick and have returned with a new team. Currently in III.13, the Dragons have a very good chance of finishing in the top two this season while also building there team. We expect to see great things from the Dragons in future seasons.

The Dragons are currently rebuilding there team and reputation within Hattrick, with high expectations from management to produce results fitting for such a well known Welsh team.


Past Drayco's Dragons

  • Champion of division V.140 in season 14
  • Champion of division IV.59 in season 16
  • Champion of division IV.46 in season 20
  • Champion of The Reserve Team Association Premier League in Season 21
  • Champion of division III.2 in season 22
  • Champion of division III.2 in season 24
  • Champion of division III.2 in season 25


  • Champion of division IV.43 in season 34
  • Champion of division IV.31 in season 36

Hall of Fame[edit]

  • David Macrides
  • Owen Sayce
  • Colin Cottenden