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Ebersberg Cup (EBE-Cup) belongs to the Friendly cups. The Cup is played once each seasons with teams from the Landkreis Ebersberg in Bavaria.

The same manager is also organising the FödMS Cup

former winner

EBE-Cup winner second place third place final
I. TSV Zorneding 1920 TTC Analogie Forstinning not played 05.04.2006
II. TSV Zorneding 1920 Ebersberger Panther FC Hugli Bugli 04.07.2006
III. FC Pöring FC Hugli Bugli TSV Zorneding 1920 10.10.2006
IV. boarshill rockdogs SpVgg Sauerlach FC Hugli Bugli 27.02.2007

hall of fame

Team winnig
TSV Zorneding 1920 2 x
FC Pöring 1 x
boarshill rockdogs 1 x