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Former youth player of Praise-a-Holics(149715) Egbert van Merkenstein(46386709) came to GAB for a record transfer of €1.561.000.Quickly after his arival he found his way into the hearts of the fans and staff alike. Egbert started out as teamcaptain in his first match due to his obvious superior experience and tactical skill.

In 84 matches he scored a stunning 89 goals,including 10 hattricks.Alot of those goals Egbert scored for go ahead bligo most of wich where very important.Egbert rarely scored the fourth goal in a 8-0 match but always managed to score in 1-0 matches,something that is still a viral topic in the conversations between the fans.

The board of directors did not wait long to decide Egbert van Merkenstein should be the future coach and asked the fans how they feel about a player/coach.

Coaching days

For the fans Egbert was the first candidate from day one and they offcourse did not object to his rapid promotion.After a very succesfull period including 3 championships and two record breaking cup runs Egbert retired from active football by scoring a hattrick in his last match. Egbert then proved he did not have to be on the pitch to have a mayor impact on the team's preformance.As a fulltime coach Egbert continued his winning streak and won two championships and a double promotion.


Egbert van Merkenstein retired as GAB coach on 5 December 2010 afterwich he promoted to Technical director.His first job was to hire a new coach and Egbert immediately thought about friend and former team mate Dekel Golan (174072123).Today Egbert van Merkenstein still is responsible for the club's longe range plans and is very active in both meetings with the boards and the current coach in where they often speak about the development of key-players and club goals.