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The Emerald Challenger Cup.

The Emerald Challenger Cup is a direct elimination cup competition organised by the Hattrick Football Association (HFA), between clubs that are knocked out in the first round of the National Cup. The tournament was established in global season 56.

Emerald Challenger Cup

Emerald Challenger Cup starts a week after the National cup (then, no matches are played on week 1). It takes on any team that is eliminated from the National Cup in round 1 or 6.

Emerald Challenger Cup prize money:
300 000 € for Winner 	 	 	
150 000 € for Runner Up 	 		
100 000 € for Semi-final exit 	
 50 000 € for Quarter final exit 		
 25 000 € for Round of 16 exit 	
Divisional Emerald Challenger Cup prize money:
150 000 € for Winner
100 000 € for Runner Up
 50 000 € for Semi-final exit
 25 000 € for Quarter final exit 
Number of teams (max): 8 192‬
Number of rounds (max): 14
Final on week: 15 (or before)

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