Erä-Jorma Ahoniemi

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  • Erä-Jorma Ahoniemi (11979019)
  • 30 years
  • A sympathetic guy who is balanced and honest.
  • Has excellent experience and weak leadership abilities.

Erä-Jorma is a legend among the Finnish HT-players. His name is freaking hilarious, although untranslatable and unpronounceable. Name is also unique. But he is a great football player too. He also has his own Federation.

Became the top scorer in Estonian V.11 in season 11. He scored 21 goals. Became the top scorer in Finnish VI.213 in season 24. He scored 32 goals. Became the unforgettable legend of Finnish V.170 in season 20 by becoming the top scorer. Scored 17 goals.