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Erdo (578043)
Preceded by
Hackers United
Season 38
Season 39
Succeeded by
Craiova Champions
Season 40
Managed by Erdo9
Club information
Nickname Erdo
Country  Magyarország
Geographical area Eastern Europe
Foundation 05-02-2005
Stadium Erdo Arena (91 300 seats)
Team colours
Prize shelf
HT Masters.PNG
Cupseason56.pngCupseason56.pngDivision I.PNGDivision I.PNG
Division II.PNG II.1 Division III.PNG III.16Division IV.PNG IV.6
Division V.PNG V.33 Division VI.PNG VI.65

Erdo was a Hungarian team managed by Erdo9. Erdo won the Hattrick Masters XII and reached the 5th round in Hattrick Masters X. The team won the Magyar Kupa in season 21 and 23, became league champion in NB I in season 26-27 and was runner-up in season 23.

Prize shelf

  • Division I.PNG NB I season 27
  • HT Masters.PNG Hattrick Masters Champion (global) season 39 (local season 24)
Division I.PNG NB I season 26
  • Cupseason56.png Magyar Kupa champions season 23
  • Cupseason56.png Cupwinner season 21
Division II.PNG II.1 season 21
  • Division III.PNG III.16 season 18
  • Division IV.PNG IV.6 season 15
  • Division V.PNG V.33 season 13
  • Division VI.PNG VI.65 season 12


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