Eurosong 44

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This is the 44th edition of Eurosong

Eurosong 44
Organizer Podje
Theme Corona
Start date 15-03-2020
End date 21-04-2020
Entries 26
Winning Artist USA Band of horses
Winning Song The funeral
Winning Nominee Jardineiro
Points 118


Nominated by Country Artist Song Points
Skill_bill Republic of Ireland Ireland Compulsion Domestique 45
DrMoose Netherlands Netherlands Hans Dorrestijn & Martin van Dijk Er is geen wc-papier meer 36
Gomez1969 Canada Canada Neil Young & Crazy horse Cinnamon Girl 72
Sprunk England England Air Traffic Empty Space 117
Yoran Netherlands Netherlands Rempetemp & Jan van Cep Vergaet neet te laeve 19
Gjpee England England The Sundays Here is where the story ends 84
Phyrexian Oceania Australia Captives Signs 39
Bertzuurman USA USA Ted Hawkins Sorry you're sick 59
Wufje England England Foals Wash off 82
Justitian USA USA Cake I will survive 13
Ajax17Hooijdonk England England Everything Everything Cough cough 65
Mangalitsarnie Norway Norway Madrugada The kids are on high street 91
Quoque China China 查可欣 幸福有多遠 39
Groenteman England England Nothing but thieves Is everybody going crazy? 75
8erhoeker Netherlands Netherlands Mooi wark Schijt aan regels -9
q9446 Sweden Sweden AronChupa Little sis Nora 29
Ribbie USA USA Future Islands Swept inside 78
DenJos Netherlands Netherlands Daniel Lohues Hoogste tijd veur de blues 41
Podje USA USA The limeliters Times are getting hard boys 13
Boetwein Netherlands Netherlands Joep Beving The light she brings 79
Jardineiro USA USA Band of horses the funeral 118
Roman10 USA USA Grandaddy I'm on standby 35
Apenkool England England Sea girls Damage done 62
Lightsun USA USA LCD Soundsystem New york, I love you but you're bringing me down 61
Wurtel USA USA Fireflight Keep fighting 17
Bucky_fellini USA USA Zac Brown Band My old man 60