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ExtraLives AB is a game design company that develops Hattrick, the World's largest virtual football world. The company is fascinated by the opportunities to build virtual worlds online, and have been working with this since 1997. ExtraLives was established in september 2000 by Björn "HT-Bjorn" Holmér, Johan "HT-Johan" Gustavsson and Daniel "HT-Daniel" Abrahamsson. This was at about the same time as Hattrick 5 was launched. The company is situated in Stockholm, Sweden.

ExtraLives' business mission is to create engaging and interactive gaming worlds that span several media. Revenues come from advertisers and sponsors, as well as from value adding services offered to the users themselves. Their goal is to establish ExtraLives as the leading provider of gaming worlds and to stretch the boundaries between games and reality.

ExtraLives can also function as a development partner for companies that want to establish attractive game worlds for specific audiences.

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