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ExtraLives AB is the game design company that develops Hattrick, the World's largest virtual football world.

Other succesful products are Popmundo, Battrick and the free word game Wordbase.

The current development team is based in Malmö, Sweden.


ExtraLives was established in January 2000 in Stockholm, Sweden. Founders are Björn "HT-Bjorn" Holmér (fascinated by the opportunities to build virtual worlds online and working with this since 1997), Johan "HT-Johan" Gustavsson and Daniel "HT-Daniel" Abrahamsson.

In October 2000, nine mounths after ExtraLives AB creation, Hattrick features a fundamental new game engine.

In 2002, Hattrick version 6 of definitely launches towards the global success of the game.


ExtraLives' business mission is to create engaging and interactive gaming worlds that span several media. Revenues come from advertisers and sponsors, as well as from value adding services offered to the users themselves. Their goal is to establish ExtraLives as the leading provider of gaming worlds and to stretch the boundaries between games and reality.

ExtraLives can also function as a development partner for companies that want to establish attractive game worlds for specific audiences.

Partnership with Hattrick Limited

From the beginning, or rather from the autumn of 2000, there was only Extralives, but in the end of 2003 a split was made when Hattrick was moved into a separate company and was entrusted to the management of Hattrick Limited.

HT-Klas explained the relationship between the two companies Hattrick Limited in Gibraltar and Extralives AB in Sweden in a Hattrick Newsletter issue:


Today Hattrick Ltd buys development of Hattrick from Extralives. HT-Maths is the CEO of Hattrick and work mainly with development of the business while HT-Johan takes on the role as the Hattrick producer, the top dog when it comes to game development issues. Hattrick Ltd also, among other things, handles the customer service for the Hattrick Shop.

Some of the Extralives employees are mainly devoted to work on Hattrick projects while others work only partially or perhaps not at all the greenish football game. Even if spread out over two separate companies the HT-team is a rather tight group since working together over the company borders is the key to success.