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F.C. Groningen is a team out of Groningen in Nederland. Since 24 January 2008 is Kindras the coach of the team. At the same time he changed the name of the club in F.C. Groningen.


The Team came on Hattrick on 3 February 2006 with the name FC RikkieV, but soon he went away and there was a new coach and a new name for the club. The new name was Owios and in that year the ended first in XII.469. But after that he quit the game and a new coach came his name was SirDrost and he changed the name into Dragostinos. They became number eight in IX.491 in season 18. On 2 August 2006 the next coach was there for F.C. Groningen this time it was R_Jeremy and he changed the name in R_Jeremy Squad. They won two competitions and the once appeared in a cupgame.

Championships won

X.3880 (170159) in The Netherlands (02 March 2008 - 01 June 2008)



  • Netherlands Raymon Aalders (24 January 2008 - 29 January 2008)
  • Denmark Robin Lerche (05 March 2008 - now)


  • Netherlands Albert-Jan de Groot
  • Netherlands Andries Hofland
  • Netherlands Bashir Aquli
  • Switzerland Benjamin Tutas
  • Netherlands Cemil Liva
  • Netherlands Erno Darwinkel
  • Netherlands Ferry Dankbaar
  • Netherlands Fons Schovers
  • Romania Gabriel Murfatlar
  • Netherlands Gisbert Numan
  • Netherlands Harris Koene
  • Netherlands Henkjan Pardon
  • Netherlands IJsbrand Claassens
  • Netherlands Jernst Bijlsma
  • Netherlands Lodewijk Hulsebos
  • Netherlands Maximiliaan Leers
  • Netherlands Nathan Tollenaar
  • Netherlands Pieter-Jan Firet
  • Netherlands Pol Thelosen
  • Netherlands Quirijn Albersen
  • Netherlands Stefaan Heerschop
  • Netherlands Steffen van Leer
  • Netherlands Stephan Bouwens
  • Netherlands Storm van Bronkhorst
  • Netherlands Tommi Moorman
  • Netherlands Twan Minke
  • Mexico Vincent Cody